Sharing the Love

I just joined Paperback Swap a little while ago, and I’m loving it.  You post books you’re willing to give away. When another member requests it, you print out postage from home and wrap the book up in two pieces of paper, and mail it.  For every book you mail away, you get a credit for any book posted by another member.  I’ve received several books I didn’t want to pay for but couldn’t find at the library. True, you pay for your credit when you pay to ship books out.  But it’s only about $3.  Buying used books on Amazon is usually at least $4, usually more.  Plus I love getting rid of clutter (i.e. books I’ll never read again) but knowing that someone else will enjoy it.  I just mailed a book, Eats Shoots and Leaves, by Lynn Truss to another member in Hawaii.  I picked it up from my library’s discard pile on a cold, gray day here on the East Coast.  Funny to think of someone else now reading it on the beach in Hawaii!

One thought on “Sharing the Love

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