This Small House Challenge

Our house

Our neighbors have lived in their house since it was built in the 1960s.  They raised 4 children in that house.  Have I mentioned the house is about 1050 square feet? About the same as our main living area (we also have a partially finished basement). I don’t know how they did it, but I suspect that people in decades past had much less crap than we do now.

If you watch HGTv and the like, there’s a frequent theme of “more space, more space!”  But more space for what?  Crap.

Despite its lack of closets, cabinets, mud room, laundry room, and drawers, my husband and I like our house.  We like its solid construction.  We like the location.  We like the low mortgage payment.  We’ve decided we want to stay in it as long as possible.  We only want to leave if we outgrow it,* not because our stuff has.

And so, even though I would loooooove to have a bigger kitchen (and a proper entry way, and bigger closets, and a bigger bathroom.).  I’ve decided instead to focus instead on de-cluttering, living simply, and buying less stuff.  Basically, cutting the crap.

* Meaning number of family members, not the size of each individual member.  Hah!


3 thoughts on “This Small House Challenge

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