Keeping it real

So Theresa’s post today reminded me of something I’ve been wanting to post on: the tendency to want to make your life seem “perfect” when blogging (or on Facebook or when writing a book of whatever).  I was initially really intrigued by this book:

But you know, sometimes when people try to “admit” to how “imperfect” they are, it kind of makes it worse. How many of us really admit publicly to our worst faults, the darkest moments? So instead we admit to some lesser faults. But this always makes me feel bad. “Wow, that’s the worst thing she does?” I must be reeeaaaallly bad. Even though, rationally, I know what’s going on.

So when Dana posted this, it initially made me feel worse about myself (even though that clearly was not her intent). (And the part about feeding her kid coffee beans totally makes the whole thing worth a read. Hu-larious!)

It’s kind of this idea:

Good thing the confessional is private, right?

2 thoughts on “Keeping it real

  1. This post cracked me up–those are NOT “confessions” or bad mommy moments. Bad mommy moments would be putting your 10 month old in his crib when he is really cranky, even though it’s not naptime, under the assumption that if he’s going to be miserable anyway, he may as well be miserable alone and not spoil your day. Actually, I don’t even think that’s a bad mommy moment–that’s just good sense.

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