Menu Plan Monday, or The Winter of My Dyspepsia

I’m linking up again, this time with Org Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.

So Pat and I have been following The Perfect Health Diet for about three weeks now.  We were inspired, in large part, by Jennifer Fulwiler’s account of her success with an eating plan based on this diet.  Her struggles with food seemed really similar to my own (and, my husband says, to his, though I’m not convinced).  So we figured, why not give it a go?  It really helps to do it together.  He’s lost about 6 pounds.  I’ve lost, maybe, 1.


But surely I’m waaaay more healthy.  Perfectly healthy, in fact.

It’s hard, though, because it eliminates a lot of go-to foods.  Like this morning, when I slept in (because my sainted husband got up with the girls), and things were not off to a great start: I didn’t feel like or have time to make myself eggs, and I was out of yogurt, so my options were . . . bagel? No way, Jose.  Oatmeal?  Verboten.  Cereal?  Don’t even think about it.

***chirp chirp chirp***

Hey, here are some leftover spicy collard green with rice!  And some cheese sticks!  And some canned pineapple in juice!  Washed down with coffee with heavy cream.

Perhaps I should work specific breakfast ideas into my menu plan. Or at least buy more yogurt.









But anyway, here’s what I have planned for dinner:

Monday: Chili

Tuesday: Butternut squash, chicken, and quinoa soup (sooo yummy with kalamata olives!)

Wednesday: Crockpot rotisserie chicken with rice or potatoes and salad

Thursday: Chicken and potatoes and broccoli in the crock pot

Friday: Baked salmon of some variety with rice or potatoes and salad

Saturday: Housewarming party at a friend’s house (bringing fruit salad)

Sunday: Who knows?  I stocked up on a whole bunch of frozen chicken at Aldi last night, so probably something with chicken.

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday, or The Winter of My Dyspepsia

  1. I’m stopping by for a visit from Organizing Junkie, Menu Plan Monday today!
    I remember someone saying that we should look at food as a source of health.
    This time of year can definitely add up. I’m working on my shopping lists for this week, looking for sales. We’re not having turkey this Thanksgiving. The choices are pizza or homemade lasagna. We’re turkey’ed out!
    Everything looks so delicious.
    I hope you have a wonderful week.

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