What’s the story, morning glory? The Rest of the Story.

As I mentioned before, I have the neighbors’ dogs to thank for these:

I actually planted these beauties last year, but they were eaten down to nubs because of this guy:

Adorable right? No.

and his ilk.  As best as we can tell from when he arrived and what the neighbors saw, he was born in our yard summer before last, while we were at work.  His mother and aunts left him and his siblings and cousins in our yard often throughout the summer.  They seemed to think us some sort of fawn daycare facility.

Yes they were cute, but these guys are not:

And we live right in the middle of town, in a big neighborhood, with no woods close by.  Our neighbors, who have lived here since the late 1960s, say they have never seen a deer infestation as bad as we’ve had in the past few years

Apparently we are not the only ones.    Apparently, it is very likely that people in the eastern US today live in closer proximity to more wildlife than anywhere on Earth at any time in history!   The cost just of deer-vehicle crashes in the U.S. is now $1.5 billion.

So back to my neighbors dogs: our neighbors on the other side of our house moved in toward the end of last year and brought with them three yippy dogs.  At first they scared my little girl when they yapped at her from across the fence.  And occasionally they find a way under the fence and scamper through our yard.

(Not my neighbors’ dog, but similar)

But you know what?  We had no fawn daycare in our yard this past summer.  In fact, I don’t recall seeing a single deer in our yard all year.  And my morning glories were . . . glorious.

Yap on little dogs, yap on.

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