Today’s Results and Women’s Rights

The girls and I had an idyllic afternoon yesterday.

But I felt a dark cloud looming.

In all likelihood, my daughters will grow up with the right to employer-provided contraception.  But will they have the right to be employers, themselves, without compromising their consciences?  Will they have to choose between being businesswomen and being faithful Catholics?

They probably will have access to free contraceptives if they attend public school.   But will they have the right to attend Catholic or Christian schools?  To be professors at Catholic or Christian universities, or will none of these be left?

If one of them finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy, she most certainly will have the right to multiple abortive options, many of them free.  But if she chooses life, will she have access to help from a crisis pregnancy center?  To adoption services through Catholic Charities?  To give birth at a Catholic hospital?

Oh sweet girls, how I wish our country had more to offer you.

If you’ve not yet signed this letter, please do so.

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