These boots were made for . . . taking pictures of myself in the mirror

So my faux leather boots arrived in the mail yesterday.  All in all, I am pleased.

Please pardon my poor photography.

As fake, I mean fauxleather goes, they’re alright.  They wouldn’t fool you if you stopped and gave them a good look, but they definitely are nicer than the cheapo pairs I had eyed in the big-box stores.   They also have a cute red zipper thingy in the back (you know what I mean, right?).  I ordered them in my regular size in wide width, and they fit both my feet and my calves, neither of which is exactly svelte.

Most importantly, because they were just $48 (free shipping and a coupon code courtesy of  Retail Me Not), I won’t be over my clothing budget for the year.  At least not until I learn of another “must have” item on Pinterest.

Anyway, I was finally able to wear this outfit, which just needed brown boots to complete it.  Courtney Kampa, writing for Verily magazine says to break a few fashion rules to avoid breaking the bank, but I doubt she would say to wear my older black boots with this.  Black boots with a primarily navy blue outfit  just looks like  . . . you need brown boots.

So y’all  hurry up and go order yourselves some of these here boots, before they go flying off the shelves!

2 thoughts on “These boots were made for . . . taking pictures of myself in the mirror

  1. Oh, and I’m not a fan of your current mountain backdrop. It’s a little gloomy, like Middle Earth, but not the Shire. And it doesn’t jibe with the Felicitous-theme.

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