Felicitous Mordor

So my sister says (and I quote),

Oh, and I’m not a fan of your current mountain backdrop. It’s a little gloomy, like Middle Earth, but not the Shire. And it doesn’t jibe with the Felicitous-theme.

But those are the Alps, Lizzie, THE ALPS!  You know, the Hills Are Alive and all that.


So that’s as good an excuse as any to share some pictures from our babymoon of a lifetime ago.

But yes, the current prior background is  was a little more Mordor than Switzerland (Austria, whatever).


Mount Doom and Sauron's tower of Barad-dûr in ...

Mount Doom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









I’m starting to wish I had gone with Blogger/Blogspot.  I chose WordPress because Pat said (and I quote), “Blogger sucks.”  But he likes olive oil and balsamic vinegar on his waffles so maybe I should have investigated further.

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