Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

So, as a new blogger, one of the things I’ve been looking forward to the most has been linking to Jen for 7 Quick Takes.  Kind of means you’ve arrived, you know?  I even jot little notes to myself about ideas for the 7 takes.  So imagine my shock this morning when I check my sister’s blog this morning and discover that — it’s Friday already!  I was not ready for this to happen so soon!

— 2 —

Sometimes I read in the news about Ecoli outbreaks here or there.  Takes me a while to remember that ecoli = poop.  Then I wonder, “How in the world did so much poop get there?”   Then the doctor prescribed my 9 month old Zpack.  Now I know the answer: very very easily.

— 3 —

I got up before the girls this morning (this almost never happens), and sure enough: they’re both up early now too!  At my ankles as we speak.

— 4 —

I’ve been reading My Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.  Started it right around the time I started blogging, in fact.  He says to “avoid superfluity of words” and that “a bad custom, and the neglect of our spiritual advancement, are a great cause of our keeping so little guard upon our mouth.”  Gulp.  But perhaps 7 Quick Takes are “devout conferences concerning spiritual things” that “help very much to spiritual progress, especially where persons of the same mind and spirit are associated together in God”?  I’m sure y’all were edified by my ecoli musings.

— 5 —

My dad is color blind, and we always used to pester him with questions about how things look to him.  Now I know.

— 6 —

Speaking of Wall Street Journal, they are fired (at least until I come across one of those $100/ year deals).  Check this out:

Blah, blah, blah, ble-ble blah blah, put-you-to-sleep-with-paragraphs-of-nothingness-so-you-don’t-read-the-part-about-reaching-into-your-pocket-and-bilking-you-for-twice-as-much-as-we-used-to.  The nerve.

— 7 —

Gotta go change a diaper.  And Girl 1 wants her tight pants.

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