What I Wore Sunday, or Blurry Photography Part 35

I’m linking up with Kendra and Emily at Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday.

I actually took these pictures Saturday night because I had a few quiet minutes to try out a new outfit and get Pat to take photos.

I was so excited when I saw this outfit pop up on Pinterest:

This is not me.

because I had bought similar pieces just a few days before.  It took me a while to get to wear them, though, because the skirt was thrifted and needed alteration.  Also, it’s too cold for sandals so I had to wait for my brown boots to come.  (Okay, actually I got impatient and wore this outfit once with black boots but I am thoroughly ashamed of myself and promise never to do it again.  😉

So anyway:


also me

Which belt is better?  I think I”ll go with the wider one because the skinny one slides around a bit.  The skirt doesn’t have belt loops.

A necklace would be a nice Sunday-best touch here.  Something like this:

or this:

but Girl 2 is in a grabby stage so no necklace for me right now.

Finally, this is for Lizzie.  What I Wore to Walmart:

What? It’s what the locals wear.


18 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday, or Blurry Photography Part 35

  1. I love your outifit! I found a J.Crew chambray shirt like that at Goodwill a few weeks ago and I have been waiting for the right outfit to wear it. I am going to put together something like this! I really like the wider belt also.

    Love the blog; it’s my first time visiting. 🙂

  2. Nailed it! I like your take on the outfit even better than the inspiration pic. I think the skinny belt is more current, so I’d vote for that but I totally get you on the sliding around thing and probably wouldn’t actually put up with it myself.

  3. Love it! Everyone seems to have button down shirts in their wardrobe as a staple, and I don’t own any because I never know how to wear them to look my age and not too old. I like how you paired it with a similar colored shirt and the belt. I might have to work on a new outfit with this inspiration…

    Thanks so much for linking up! I’m new here and subscribed to the blog!

  4. Love, love, love the denim with the polka dots! I love statement jewelry, like you mentioned, and though I don’t have kids yet, I anticipate the same thing–big necklaces will probably have to go when there are babies =)

  5. Very cute. Approved. Did you get the shirt from Tar-jey? If so, we have the same shirt. It’s become irreplaceable in my closet … Jacob has dubbed it “the favorite shirt.”

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