Menu Plan Monday, Paleo Pancake Edition *Updated*

Hi there!  This is my second time linking up with Org Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.  I’m still a newb at this (and at blogging generally).

Well, we’re starting our fifth week here of the Perfect Health Diet.  Pat is down about 8 pounds and has noted that he now has to wear a belt to keep his pants from sliding down.  He’s been overheard marveling, “I can’t believe I’m losing weight by eating steak and nuts and cheese and butter!”  So far I”ve refrained from socking him in the schnozz.

I’m stuck at starting weight – 1lb.


But on the bright side, I found a delicious solution to the breakfast dilemma I bemoaned last week.  Grace at Camp Patton introduced her readers to this two-ingredient pancake recipe.

Photo by blogilates on Instagram

*Update:  The “recipe” is 2 eggs & 1 mashed banana.  Beat  them together.  Make sure the bananas are ripe.  If they are green at all, it won’t taste good.*

Sure enough, they are easy and delicious and Perfect Health Diet/paleo friendly.  I fry them in coconut oil and eat’em with a big slab of budduh.

Banana and eggs. That’s all there is to it.

I recently broke down and became the last person in the blogosphere to get Instagram.  Wow!  Who knew eggs and a banana and my dirty stovetop could look so poignant?

So good I had to force myself to stop and take a picture before I finished.

So easy even a three year old can make them!

Man-pleasing, too!

After eating these Pat said, “Wow, first banana ice cream and now these.  Bananas are, like, the world’s perfect food.”  Quite possibly, dear.

Banana ice cream will be another post for another day, though.

The drawback of these pancakes as a breakfast is that they take even longer than scrambled eggs and, on bad mornings, who’s got that kind of time?   So I experimented with freezing the batter.

I pour the batter into plastic baggies and freeze.

When you’re ready, take out the baggie and loosen the frozen batter from the bag by running it under warm water (not pictured).  Break into chunks and put the frozen chunks right on the hot pan.

Frozen chunks of eggy-banana goo

They fry up okay even while partially frozen if you keep the heat at medium-low.

Now whenever I have time to make the batter I just make double the amount I need and freeze the rest.


The rest of the week’s menu is not so thrilling.  Lots of meat and potatoes.

Monday: Chicken soup  (something along these lines) with leftover crockpot rotisserie chicken

Tuesday: Hamburger vegetable soup

Wednesday: steak (frozen shrink-wrapped rib eye) and potatoes and salad

Thursday: chicken and roast vegetables (like the dish Jen describes here)

Friday: salmon and potatoes or rice and a veggie

Saturday: Cheeseburgers (sans bun) and parmesan potato packets on the grill

Sunday: ?

That’s all folks!  Have a delicious week!


7 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday, Paleo Pancake Edition *Updated*

  1. I love how your food fad kick (which I’m totally behind, fyi) sounds strangely familiar to Nourishing Traditions … just saying. I love me some butter and whole milk … don’t cut back my fat, thank you very much.

    • Yeah, it is very similar to NT (at least what I know of NT; I’ve only skimmed the book). I really resisted drinking the NT Kool-Aid, but Jen Fulwiler’s posts about her “Saint Diet” really struck a chord with me. It just seemed like the right thing at the right time.

  2. P.S. Last night Jacob asked if we can go paleo. My response: “Of course, as long as you know that means no more bread or tortillas or pasta …” We’ve decided to eat up what we’ve got then start. He’s happy with the plan because of “all the meat.” 🙂

    • Yeah, Pat is enjoying all the meat too. Are you going completely paleo, like no dairy or starch?? I couldn’t do that. The PHD includes dairy and a limited amount of “starchy tubers” (potatoes, sweet potatoes) and white rice.

  3. We’ve been attempting a “real food” diet in our home. I strive for foods with 5 ingredients or less. Not gonna lie, it is very, very hard for us! We’ve all survived on highly processed food for far too long.

    I’m going to have to try those pancakes, though. I haven’t liked any “real food” pancake recipe I’ve tried.

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