Chocolate-covered coffee beans

I’ve linked to it before, and I’ll link to again now: this article by Dana Adams is something I keep coming back to in my mind.

English: A jar of coffee-covered chocolate beans

She confesses to giving her “low-energy” son chocolate-covered coffee beans every now and then when he needs a little additional pep for certain activities.  I just can’t stop thinking about this because I can’t imagine what it would be like.  This is so opposite from my experience.  Kids are just all unique, aren’t they?

This is my eldest child:

All photos courtesy of Trena.

Sometimes Pat and I ask each other, “What would she be like on chocolate-covered coffee beans????”


5 thoughts on “Chocolate-covered coffee beans

  1. Oh, Lizzie, you should have! And, Laura, this entry is genius. Just saying. I mean — the pictures are worth a thousand words … a piece!

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