Pinspiration, Mother-Daughter Style

The other day I enjoyed creating a new outfit from clothes I already had, with some inspiration from Pinterest and a favorite blog.

I tried to do something like the bottom center outfit here:

Also like this outfit here:

Here it is:

Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: LOFT (crops!)
Scarf: Target (thanks Mom!); Belt: LOFT

Apparently Girl 1 found her own Pinspiration:

Shirt: Walmart; Pants: Kohl’s (thrifted); Sneaks: Target
Styling: All her own

3 thoughts on “Pinspiration, Mother-Daughter Style

  1. Love this (especially your cute daughter)! I actually like your creation better than the picture, mostly for the boots you’re wearing. The pic looks like rainboots? Anyways, I love looking at pictures online and recreating my favorite looks. Looks like you and little one had fun!

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