7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People

A few weeks ago, I wrote about starting to implement one of the principles set out in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Things have kind of gone downhill since then, so for today’s quick takes, I thought I would list

The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective People.

— 1 —

Sleep in and let your saintly husband get up with the girls. Sleep until he comes in apologetically at 8:45, plopping the baby on the bed and mumbling something about needing to go to work (whatever). Loll in bed while the baby claws at your face and tries to launch herself off the bed, until you notice that she needs a diaper change, and quickly. Roll out of bed and change said diaper while the baby protests and tries to launch herself off the changing table. Cringe as the racket alerts the three-year old (watching t.v. in the basement) to the fact that you are up and at her service. Grit teeth as she climbs upstairs and rattles the bars of ,her cage the baby gate, until you finish with the diaper and let her up.

— 2 —

Groggily try to prioritize among (a) your coffee, (b) the baby’s bottle, and (c) 3 year-old’s demands for a second breakfast (the cereal Daddy made for her over an hour ago is now a gluey paste, mostly untouched). Sense that something is not quite right and gradually realize that you’ve really got to pee. Go to bathroom with the girls at your heels. Wonder where to put them—3 year-old can come join in the fun but where to put the baby? You can’t stick her in the tub because it’s still wet from baths last night (not from showers this morning because nobody’s done that). Push both girls out to whine and scratch at the bathroom door while you take care of things.

— 3 —

Once you’ve finally got everyone fed and momentarily pacified (though not dressed), sit down with your first sip of coffee and take a brief glance at Pinterest.

— 4 —

Look up from Pinterest and realize it’s time for lunch.

— 5 —

Watch this video over and over again because it makes you feel guuuuuhd.

— 6 —

Around 8pm, after girls are in bed and kitchen is done, disregard Fly Lady’s advice to put on PJs and brush teeth first. Instead plop on the couch with laptop to check a few blogs.

— 7 —

Look up a few minutes later and find that it’s 11pm!

Don’t shut down that laptop yet, though. There are lots more Quick Takes to read over at Conversion Diary!


5 thoughts on “7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People

    • Ha! Yes I’m spoiled. 🙂 Married to a saintly husband who works five min away. It throws off my whole day tho. And fwiw it doesn’t happen all that often. Girl 1 has preschool. 3 days a week so we all have to be out the door by 8:30 on those days.

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