The Thrift Challenge

I’m linking up with Mary of With My Sisters today for her thrift-store outfit challenge.

So here’s my outfit:

Sorry the photos are blurry. We’re new at this.

I think the towels in the background are a nice touch, don’t you?

Blazer: $12, local thrift store

Cardigan: ~ $1 at a yard sale (I made a spur of the moment stop and bought this cardi along with some pajamas for Girl 1 and a pair of plush dogs that dance to “Twist and Shout”  (still in the package!).  I wheeled and dealed using my shrewd, law-school honed negotiating skills and got the seller to give me all of them for the spare change I found in my van, about $2.85.)

White tee: $6? at a consignment shop

Jeans: $1 or so at a yard sale

Tennies: Not technically thrifted, but $5 on clearance at Kmart.  That counts right?

Earrings: Hand-me-down from my sister

Finally, two of my favorite second-hand outfits:

On Girl 1: hand-me-down from a cousin–Free!
On Girl 2: hand-me-down from Girl 1, purchased from consignment sale for ~ $4

Two sisters, two footsie ‘jams, and a book.  Doesn’t get any better than that.

This was fun.  Thanks Mary!


8 thoughts on “The Thrift Challenge

  1. No Pat, no. The grand total is absolutely necessary since most women can make the connection “i just bought a single top for the same amount as that awesome thrifted outfit!” So yes, totals are totally necessary.

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