What I Wore for Thanksgiving

I was tempted by Grace Patton’s What I Wore to Thanksgiving link-up but not really planning to join.  (Three posts in a week about my clothes??)  But I put an outfit together this morning that I was pretty happy with, and I felt all cute and Sarah Vickers-ish.

Sweater: Vintage (from my late grandmother’s closet, complete with moth holes)
Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: LOFT
Boots that I love so much they have their own post here

Then I checked my blog reader as my rice was cooking, and realized I was actually emulating Julia Patton.














So I just had to share.  This is what I actually wore when I sat down at the dinner table.  By that point, the baby had vomited her dinner onto my prior outfit.  Guess that’s the price I pay for vanity.

T-shirt: stolen from my sister-in-law

Some might ask, “What kind of mother spends time on Thanksgiving having her picture taken when there is food to make?”  Relax, it’s not like my kids were reduced to gnawing on my boots or anything.



10 thoughts on “What I Wore for Thanksgiving

  1. hahahahhahaha. DYING.

    you obviously wear the look 89 trillion times better. that is a GREAT sweater — very vintagey in right now. way to rock it.

    ha. going to show Julia tomorrow — her poor little mind is going to be BLOWN.

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