7 Quick Takes, Appetite Suppressant Edition

— 1 —

For my first quick take today, I thought I’d share a little tip in case anyone else is feeling overstuffed today, as I am, and vowing to be temperate forevermore.

We visited my friend Jaime and her lovely family a few weeks ago, for a housewarming at their awesome new/old farmhouse.  When we got home we realized, too late, that Girl 2 somehow had purloined this little guy:

Cute right?

Jaime graciously said they don’t need it back right away, so I am using him as a little motivational aide.  I’ve placed him on the china cabinet overlooking the dining table like so:

Careful little pig! Don’t fall!

So the view from my usual seat at the table is now this:

**Oink oink**  Ya gonna have another helping, are ya?  **Oink oink**

— 2 —

Speaking of Girl 2, I realized lately that I never write about her except to compare her to the devil.  So I’ll write some more about Girl 2: she took her first steps Wednesday!  Just halting, little single steps, but they were definitely steps.  She’s not quite 10 months.  Girl 1 didn’t take her first steps until 14 months.  Girl 2 also started “dancing” by bopping her little head up and down to the music of the VTech toys.  Such a cute little nugget.

— 3 —

Here are some text messages between Saintly Husband and myself:

— 4 —

The first portion of this exchange has to do with the FOUR police cars at my next door neighbor’s house on Wednesday.  After about half an hour, I thought they were wrapping up but then they took out some German Shepherds that sniffed around a different house down the street.  Scary.  Ours is not the kind of neighborhood where this sort of thing happens a lot.  I stood in my front doorway, in my sweats and holding my little girls, shamelessly gawking and hoping someone would tell me what was going on right next door to me.  But noooooooo.  I’ll have to check the police reports.   I could have asked them, but I would have had to yell and wave my arms to get their attention.  I’m choleric but not that choleric. 

— 5 —

The second half of the above text exchange has to do with the fact that we have two printers in our house, and I can only get one to print, one page at a time.  And even then I have (1) press print (2) turn the printer off and back on (scraping my arm and straining my shoulder to reach around to the back of the shelf to do so) (3) press print again (4) massage the printer and say nice things to it  (5) take out the USB cable and insert it into the other port (not kidding!), (6) open and close the lid.   Repeat steps 1-6 for each page.  I realllly wanted to get Christmas card labels done.  (Yes, I said Christmas cards.  But they will be choleric Christmas cards: pre-printed, church directory photo, no handwritten message and sent out nice and early, yes you’re-very-welcome.  Next!)

* Just read Jen’s Quick Take #5, and it is so unfair.  She could get her printer to work from miles and miles away, in a plane.  And I have to coax and massage mine for each measly page.  But not for long . . . .

— 6 —

Because I’m choleric, I’m not waiting until Christmas to get my printer.  I did a little research and found the printer of my dreams.  Turns out it’s majorly discounted at Staples for their Black Friday sale.

— 7 —

I thought that Friday morning before dawn I would be waiting outside of Staples like a crazy person, but Amazon just listed it for the same price.  Woohoo!  Now I’m just at my computer, like a crazy person, trying to get a spot near the front at Jen’s link-up.

Okay, that’s all.  Have a lovely holiday weekend!  For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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