Tweet tweet

I’ve avoided Twitter up until now.  This video pretty much summarizes how I feel about it:

“Who are they all talking to?”

“Nobody . . . and everybody!”

But since I’m blogging maybe I’ve already reached this point anyway?

Regardless, the other day Pat informed me nonchalantly that he doesn’t use an RSS feed anymore.  He follows all his favorite blogs via Twitter (“except yours, honey,” I’m sure he meant to say).  I guess that’s what everyone’s doing now, and only Luddites like me still use feed readers.  I do want people to follow my blog (there, I said it).  So, here I go.


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4 thoughts on “Tweet tweet

  1. I can’t find it online, but check out Annamarie Adkins’ article in Family Foundations magazine, Nov/Dec ’12, “Why my spiritual director urged me to quit blogging,” pg. 26. It’s a downer, but it struck a chord with me.

  2. No. But I think it is a reminder to keep it in perspective. Are we genuinely trying to share life with our real friends, or is it an outlet for vanity?

    “I had some small notion of possible grandeur, that by some act of God, I might become one of those supercybermom bloggers whom I followed and envied just a bit, becoming one of the cool kids in the Catholic mommy blogging world with a regular guest column somewhere, devotees across the nation and maybe even a book deal down the road. . . . I began participating in Conversion Diary’s ‘Seven Quick Takes Friday’ ritual in an effort to increase my blog’s visibility and popularity. . . . I was secretly thrilled when I topped out at 300 views in one day and 3,000 views in a month.”

    In short, she finds she is overly preoccupied with getting attention from benevolent strangers online and less with spending her own attention on God and the people closest to her.

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