Arts and Crafts . . . For the Loss!

Everywhere I look on the interwebs these days I find a million bazillion craft ideas.  It’s like Christmas isn’t complete unless you’ve crafted and baked cookies.  I plan to do neither this year.  The no baking part is because we’re on the Perfect Health Diet, which nixes pretty much any cookie.  The crafting requires a bit more explanation.  Here’s a visual:


This is the outcome of my last attempt to get crafty in a Christmas-y way.  It was maybe two years ago.

I got the idea from Martha Stewart:

I think next time I “get an idea” from Martha Stewart I will just back away slowly.

So, I drive to Michael’s (30 min each way), spend at least 30 min at Michael’s looking for the supplies, then spend about an hour hot gluing all those darned clothespins on.  What they don’t tell you in the directions is that the edge of the embroidery hoop isn’t flat so the pins are hard to glue on firmly.

After Christmas, I store the wreath in the attic.  When I take it out the following Advent I find that all the clothespins have popped off in the heat of the attic in the summertime.  So, I spend another hour gluing more clothespins on.  Nothing says Christmas spirit like burned fingers.

After last Christmas I got smart and stored the wreath in the cool basement.  Sure enough, this Advent I get it out and only four clothespins have popped off.  I still haven’t gotten around to gluing them back on.

I think my cost breakdown is something like this:

  • Gas driving to and from Michaels: $7
  • Embroidery hoop: $8
  • Box of clothespins: $4
  • Ribbon: $4
  • Hot glue gun: $5
  • Glue sticks: $5
  • Hours spent (including driving and shopping time): 4

$33 and at least 4 hours of my life I’ll never get back for a defective and mediocre-looking Christmas card holder that needs repair every year.

Note the missing clothespins.

Note the missing clothespins.

Then I saw this in a catalog from that ultra-discounted bargain basement that is Pottery Barn:

$29 from Pottery Barn.  Made from iron.  Time required to order: approximately 5 minutes. Sadly, no longer available.

Twenty-nine bucks.  Twenty-nine bucks!  

{ Palm smack to forehead }

So with no crafting and no baking, what to do this Advent?  Maybe I’ll pray or something.  I dunno.

* Please note I do not mean to deride the many people who enjoy crafting and are successful at it.  For instance, my aunt made me this beautiful quilt and I wouldn’t trade it for anything ordered from a catalog.  However, I am not one of those people and I’m finally coming to grips with it.

5 thoughts on “Arts and Crafts . . . For the Loss!

  1. OH my gosh, I could have written this. I’m the world’s worst crafter and I have no artistic vision. Our walls are bare and we had 2 rooms of our house completely empty for the first year.

    I’m with ya. There are so many fun things to buy instead of make, and they look nicer! 😛

  2. You could save it as a crown of thorns for Lent but it would be kind of hard to explain the bow. I was keenly aware how short-changed in the arts-and-crafts department was my homeschooling. . . Try crocheting. No glue. Two supplies – yarn and hook.

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