Simple Advent

I don’t have much time to write between now and Christmas because of, well, Christmas, plus some work responsibilities (bad timing, huh?).  But I do want to share this:



and this article by Simcha Fisher on keeping Advent simple.  She does mention Jesse trees those things of which we do not speak, but it’s still a good article.



3 thoughts on “Simple Advent

  1. “Those things of which we do not speak” !!!!! Ha! I love it! I completely understand! When my husband mentioned that a good in-real-life friend blogged about her Jesse Tree, and I defensively enumerated all of our many seasonal preparations for him! Poor dear wasn’t quite sure what he had done wrong.

    Happy to visit your blog…thank you for following mine. I am quite old and do not as a habit “follow,” though I will put you in my reader (how 2009 of me!). A blessed Advent to you…

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