7 Quick Takes: What My Daughter Is Getting for Christmas

Today I’m listing the gifts that Girl 1 is getting for Christmas this year.  (Shhh.  Don’t tell.)  I really want to keep Christmases simple (as discussed in the article I linked to yesterday).  Last year, when she was almost 3, she opened her first gift and didn’t understand that she had to stop playing with it to open her other gifts.  {Palm smack to forehead} I only got her what I thought were a few things, but we could have given her a lot less and she would have been just as happy.

This year, fortunately, she didn’t even remember getting presents until I reminded her.   All she remembered was getting some candy in her stocking!  She’s most excited about wearing her Christmas dress and looking for the blow-up yard decorations our neighbors put up.  I think she’ll remember the presents this time, though, so I know I’m setting a precedent.  If she gets a lot of presents it will be hard to reduce the number in future years.

Probably, Christmas morning we’ll give her her stocking with gifts #1, #2, and #3.  We will go to my in-laws’ later in the morning for a traditional gift-opening extravaganza, where my husband’s parents, 8 siblings, and their spouses, open their gifts from one another one at a time.  It takes hours and it’s a lot of fun.  We’ll give her the rest of her gifts then.

Girl 2 won’t notice and certainly won’t remember whether or not she gets gifts.  I am getting her a few little rattle-type baby toys that I think she’ll like.  Unlike Girl 1 at this stage, Girl 2 actually plays with toys!  But, she’s only 11 months so I’m not going to over-think it.

— 1 —

Washable markers, definitely the way to go.

— 2 —

Princess coloring book (generic: less cleavage than Disney).  I can’t find a picture of the one I’m getting her; the one pictured is similar.  I know she’ll like it because it’s exactly the same as the one she already has and colors in every day.  There is hardly any white space left.  I think she’ll enjoy a new one.

— 3 —

Candy canes!  And maybe another kind of candy.  I’m pretty sure this is what she’ll be most excited about.

— 4 —

 Gloves,  a 2-pack from Walmart, $0.97 (couldn’t find a picture).  I haven’t bothered putting gloves or mittens on her for at least a year.  Last time I put mittens on her she kept pulling them off.  But she’s been asking me for them lately so maybe now is the time. I’ll give her one pair and keep the second pair tucked away for when she inevitably loses one.

— 5 —

 Melissa and Doug Royal Family Wooden Doll Set.  I think we’ll wrap these up individually and let her open one at a time when it’s her turn in the family gift opening ritual.

What is it about Melissa and Doug toys that gets me every time??   I’m afraid this might not have been a great choice because, like the play kitchen, play food, and shopping cart I got her for past Christmases, these are for make-believe play, and she really doesn’t do that yet.   But maybe in the coming year she’ll grow into them.  At the very least, she loves princesses so she’ll like the princess doll.

— 6 —

Melissa & Doug  Princess Castle furniture.  Like the dolls, I probably will wrap these individually, or in groups of two or three pieces.

— 7 —

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Folding Princess Castle.  Actually we will give her this on her birthday, which is not long after Christmas.  Like the other make-believe toys, I’m afraid she won’t play with it much.  But hopefully, hopefully she’ll grow into it.

Thanks to my friend Liz of Catholic Deals, for pointing out a great deal on this castle (now expired, unfortunately).  I got it for about half of the regular price.

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