What I Wore Sunday: Santa Is Here!

This guy is all that Girl 1 knows of Santa:


He shows up in the yard across the street every year.  If you ask her anything about Santa, this is who she’s thinking of.

This is what I wore to mass today:


A warmer version of the outfit I posted about yesterday here.  I am continually amazed at the pictures of Mary at With My Sisters because she’s mentioned that her 4 year old takes all of them.  When I’ve asked Girl 1 (almost 4 years old) to take my picture in the past, the results have looked like this:

IMG_0554 IMG_0556

But today Girl 1 took this picture.  Not flattering but a vast improvement.

Girl 1 wore her “church coat” from Aunt Lizzie.


She was boycotting coats for a while  Fortunately, she’s wearing them again now that she’s figured out how to put coats on without her sleeves getting bunched up inside.  She got new church shoes.


Her old pair was a silver version of these:

Ultra cheapo from Walmart. They shed copious amounts of glitter on the pew every week at Mass.  I felt a little bad for anyone sitting there at a later mass.  But hey, everyone looks better with a little glitter on his derriere right?  Right?     (The new ones have sequins instead of glitter and are from the infinitely more upscale Target.  😉

By the way we got a new furnace on Thursday.


It started leaking oil yesterday.  Argh!  But the guy who installed it came right out and tightened the line.

Our house is toasty warm now.  We deliberated quite a bit over our options but decided to get another oil furnace.  At a later point we may add a heat pump and/or a wood stove to supplement the furnace and bring fuel costs down.  For now, we are just sooooo happy to have this behind us.

Happy Sunday everyone!  For more Sunday finery check out the other blogs linking up at Fine Linen and Purple.  Thanks Emily and Kendra for hosting!

10 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday: Santa Is Here!

  1. I love Girl 1’s coat and shoes!! There can simply never be enough pink, bows, or glitter in the world–this philosophy may get reflected in Girl 2’s Christmas gift!
    Love your outfit too, super cute and festive!

  2. PS: with regard to the Santa, I remember when we were at your house and Girl 1 said she was “getting so EXCITING for Santa!” When I asked if Santa was going to bring her gifts, she looked puzzled and said no, and when I asked what Santa did, she said, “…..He just stands there.” This would explain it.

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