Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas!  I have waited so long to do this post, but life has gotten in the way.  Here are our Christmas decorations this year.  I highly recommend watching the photo montage (under 2 minutes!) to listen to Girl 1’s Christmas song improvisation.  But I’ll post the photos separately too.

Finally, here are some photos of Pat’s and my first Christmas tree together.  He got creative with our makeshift tree topper.

Pat used invisible tape.

Pat used invisible tape.


We lived on a steep hill that year.

"Invisible."  Yeah.

“Invisible.” Yeah.

I haven’t replaced it yet, probably because we enjoy reliving the memories so much.  Like so:

I’m joining Katie at NFP and Me for her Christmas decorations link up.  Thanks, Katie, for hosting!  And thanks for keeping your link up open until Christmas, for stragglers like me.  (And if you’re like me and thinking, “Who has the chutzbah to call her blog that?  Well, you’ll just have to check it out.)

Merry Christmas!  God bless us every one.


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