Wednesday Food Post

Hello and Happy Second Day of Christmas!  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday yesterday.  I didn’t feel like posting my regular Menu Plan Monday post on Christmas Eve, plus I wasn’t sure if Org Junkie would be hosting the link up, plus I don’t even really have a menu plan for this week.  So, instead of a menu plan, how about just a post about food and, of course, the Perfect Health Diet (“PHD”)?

I’ve been inspired by a blog called The 10 Minute Meal, which I found linked on the Perfect Health Diet blog.  It has simple, delicious, wholesome menu ideas and recipes for meals you can make in 10 minutes.  I think the 10 minute idea is a bit of a stretch.  But the recipes and menu ideas are quite simple.

My favorite part of this blog is the idea of eating meals in courses.  In every other aspect of life, I’m trying to simplify, simplify, simplify.  But for some reason, this really appeals to me.  I’ve tried serving Pat’s and my main meal of each day in three courses.  Of course I haven’t managed to do it every day, but when I do, it makes the meal much more satisfying.  That, in turn, makes me less inclined to snack.  So I think it’s worth the effort.

For our first course I usually make a simple salad:




or a soup:


Homemade chicken bone broth with rice, egg yolk, and scallions.

Homemade chicken broth with rice, egg yolk, and scallions.

Our main course might look something like this:


Frozen salmon filet cooked in the microwave with butter, Hasselback potatoes, broccoli

Often it’s simpler, like a bowl of hearty soup or chili, or meat and just one side.

I really enjoy having a “cheese” course, with some dark chocolate added in:


Brie, rice crackers, dates, dried apricots, dark chocolate


I’m loving Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins.  They do have some vegetable oil, but the PHD authors say it is okay in very small amounts.  (Can’t find the cite.  It was in response to a comment on their blog.)  We only eat a few per day and not every day.

This is what Girl 1 might eat {sigh}:


Peanut butter and chocolate sandwich, pickles (a new favorite), and milk

And this is what Girl 2 might eat (more of it, of course):


Bits and pieces of our meal, plus raisins and a graham cracker

A new thing I’ve made lately is this simple recipe for tuna and rice noodles.  I doubled it and decked it out with  peas, sesame seeds, and halved cherry tomatoes.  Sooooo yummy!  I used albacore tuna, which sometimes grosses me out.  It tastes really good and not fishy in this recipe.  Pat thought it was chicken!


This recipe with peas and tomatoes added


This recipe for Swedish or “Hasselback” potatoes has been popular on Pinterest lately:

I tried making them with 50/50 coconut oil and butter, no olive oil.  I forgot that coconut oil doesn’t do well at high heat.  So, baking these at 425, I got some smoke.  But nothing caught on fire and they didn’t even burn.

I had a hard time slicing them without slicing all the way through.  Also, the slices didn’t fan out the way I’d hoped.  They tasted okay, nothing special.  Next time I’ll try Russet potatoes instead of ordinary white.  Maybe I’ll even put in garlic, which the the recipe actually calls for but which the directions pasted onto the Pin leave out.

Here’s a picture of my experience:

One potato hacked through, the others not fanning out well.

One potato hacked through, the others not fanning out well.

Well, that’s my food update for the week!  I hope y’all enjoyed it.



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