Laura’s Really Exciting Life, New Year’s Reflections Part 2

Yesterday I looked back at the low points of last year.  Now I want to post about what my day-to-day life is now.  It’s a definite improvement from several months ago, but it still needs some improvement.  So, a typical weekday looks something like this:

6:30 ish: Get up with the baby

OR (more likely)

8:00 ish: Get up after having let Saintly Husband get up with the baby.

I prefer getting up with the baby, but I don’t have much willpower at 6:30 a.m.  Anyway, it doesn’t make that big a difference.  The things that would really give me a head start on my day–showering/getting dressed or unloading the dishwasher–would wake up Girl 1 and there would go my head start time.

So, if I get up with the baby, I sit in a stupor on the couch with her, get my coffee, and maybe get her breakfast, until 8ish when Pat and Girl 1 wake.  Or, Pat gets up with her and I wake up around 8.  In either case, come 8:00, I rush around to get out the door to get Girl 1 to preschool.

After taking Girl 1 to preschool, I try to get as many of the following done:

  • unload dishwasher
  • feed baby breakfast
  • take a shower
  • start on laundry
  • start making lunch (I try to make it our main meal)
  • put the baby down for a nap

Oh, wait a minute, there’s someone here who wants to say something:

Hmm.  Well, Homer.  Why don’t you tell us what you really think, already?  Alrighty then, I get the point.

I’ll try to keep this brief.  Here are the three, related trouble spots in my current routine:

  1. Because my mornings are so rushed, a lot of what should be high-priority tasks are pushed to the evening.  Mainly, prayer and exercise. To a lesser extent, reading and writing and keeping in touch with family and friends.  By the time evening comes, I’m tired and it’s easy to skip or . . .. 
  2. I veg out on the computer until it’s too late.  Our girls go to bed around 7:30.  By the time dishes are done, living room tidied, etc., it’s 8:00 or later.  I sit on the couch with my laptop, look at Pinterest and a few blogs and BOOM it’s 11 p.m.  Pat and I haven’t said our Rosary.  I haven’t done my back exercises.  I haven’t even written a blog post.  Okay, it’s not always that bad but somehow time just flies in the evening.  The way I spend that time is not very productive and only slightly restorative.
  3. Finally, because of all this, I go to bed too late.  I’m too tired to do anything productive at night but somehow I don’t feel like going to bed early enough.  It’s like I need at least 3 hours in which I’m awake but the girls are asleep.  So, I never ever get up early and well-rested.  It’s always one or the other.  And yet I like getting up early.  I like getting a head start on my day.  *Sigh*

So, tomorrow I’ll finish Part 3 of my New Year’s Reflections, including how I plan to spend my evening time more wisely and what I intend to accomplish.

Try to contain yourself.




2 thoughts on “Laura’s Really Exciting Life, New Year’s Reflections Part 2

    • My exercise routine is just a series of core strengthening exercises from the physical therapist. I’m doing really well if I do them every day for 15 min or so. I’ll add in some cardio someday. Someday.

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