7 Quick Takes: Target Edition

7 Quick Takes Saturday-is-the-new-Friday.  Thanks, Hallie, for hosting.

— 1 —

I’ve been praying the St. Michael prayer for Jen Fulwiler.  So amazing that she chose St. Michael, patron of the sick, as her saint of the year, seemingly at random but obviously not.

— 2 —

Baby woke up puking this morning.  So far she’s holding down the four ounces of Pedialyte we’ve given her since then.

— 3 —

Baby sick means Girl 1’s birthday party won’t be held today, as planned.  She taking it very well, and I’m amazed.  We let her pick out a whole a mess load of Disney Princess decorations the other day, so she was really looking forward to this party.

— 4 —

I went to Target last night and came back a whole lot happier, without much else to show for the $200 I spent.  Well, I did buy some clothes for the girls (obviously I saved sooooo much money because it was all on clearance) and some odds and ends.  I get all mushy now when walking through the little girl toy aisle.  I want to buy Girl 1 every Disney princess thing I see.  I even pondered a Barbie princess ballerina for several minutes.  Oh how the haughty have fallen.  I got all depressed and sentimental realizing that since Girl 1 is size 5T, I soon won’t be able to shop in the toddler section for her anymore.  Took a peek at the big girl section and just about threw up.  I’ll have to switch to Hanna Andersson or something.

— 5 —

I gave Girl 1 a few of her gifts this morning, first of which was a Rapunzel tiara, to replace the Aurora one that has disappeared.  Her first words were, “Oh, now we need a Rapunzel [pronounced “A-pun-zee”] dress!”  Gah! Fortunately, she was put off by the little gold party dress and shimmery pink cardigan I got her.  I got a matching cardigan for Girl2, so now they both have shimmery gold dresses and shimmery pink cardigans.  Girl 1 is thrilled.  Still haven’t decided when to give Girl 1 the rest of her presents.

— 6 —

I’ve been obsessed with Velcro hair rollers, bought some more at Target, and put them on last night . . . along with my mouth guard and sleep mask and garish flannel PJs.  NFP at its simplest.

— 7 —

TMI, sorry.  Anyway, it’s just the baby and me up right now at noon.  She’s quite perky, toddling around in her zebra fleece shirt and pink leggings from Aunt Bernadette.   I bought her two pairs of pink leggings last night.  They’re the ultimate clothing staple for little girls.  Anyway,  Pat and Girl 1 (miracle!) are napping.  We all got up at 5.  I just woke up from a nap.  Dreamed both girls, and my Grandma, were in the hospital.

So these were this was pretty much the most boring post ever.  Sorry folks.  Hope you’re having such a fun weekend you haven’t even had time to read this.  😉

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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Target Edition

  1. What do you mean “boring”? I’m sorry Baby is sick and kudos to Girl 1 for taking the lack of party so well. The last line of #4–Amen to that! I have two girls on the cusp of size 6 and have similar feelings. One of these days I will share my dirty little clothes shopping secret. And #6–oh you had me laughing there. :)-

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