What I Wore Sunday, Ole!

Happy Feast of the Epiphany, everyone!  Here’s what I wore, my first official repeat since I started joining the WIWS link-up:


Today it was especially hard to find a spot in the house that both (a) did not have too much back light and (b) was not cluttered with stuff stuff stuff.  Despite all the back light  I’m feeling a general lack of sunlight in my life these days.  It’s been gray and mostly overcast for a while now.  I think I have some degree of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Can’t wait for spring!

Pat and I went to different masses today, since the baby has been sick (though gradually improving).  I went to the Spanish mass, which is a whole lot different than the Tridentine mass we’ve been attending.  Wow.

Before mass, I was thinking about going to the Spanish mass and what I would blog about it.  I kept hearing the word “Olé!” in my head.  Sure enough, the refrain in the processional hymn was “Olé olé ola!”  Something about Baby Jesus being born, I think.  Little Drummer Boy was the Offertory hymn.  Hearing it in Spanish was a little less grating than hearing it in English, but probably just because of the novelty of it to me.

There was no rapping at mass, fortunately, though.

Here’s hoping for a sunny week ahead!

For more Sunday finery, check out the link-up at Fine Linen and Purple.  Thanks as always to Kendra and Emily for hosting the fun!

7 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday, Ole!

  1. Wow. Did the Spanish Mass you attended have a rap in the middle of “Little Drummer Boy” like the video you linked? ; ) We used to attend the Spanish Mass during college because (true story) it was much more reverent than any other Mass in town. We sang the Our Father to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.” But at least everyone knelt during the Consecration. Couldn’t say that about man of the other English-speaking folk in town.

    Anyway, fashion: When in doubt, belt it. A belted cardi is one of my favorite chic moves. And sorry about your sick baby! I pray that everyone is healthy soon.

  2. You are funny! We have a spanish Mass near us and my husband wants to go to it…he wants to see how much he can comprehend…he’s pretty fluent for a gringo but doesn’t get much opportunity to practice, so I think he looks at it like a good two birds-one stone deal…Mass and Spanish! Olé! Great color cardi, BTW!!

    • Thanks, Tracye! It would be a good way to brush up on your Spanish. I took two years of it in college, learned very little, and only remember about 5% of what I learned. Sooo, yeah, I don’t get much from the homily. 😉 I do enjoy following along in our bi-lingual missalettes though.

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