All About Bone Broth . . . and Will It Ruin Your Child’s Love Life?

A few weeks ago I made bone broth, which according the Perfect Health Diet (and other sources) is super good for you.  I still had some frozen soup bones left from the side of local, grass-fed beef we bought some time back.  I also had a chicken carcass from a roasted chicken I made.  So, I set them both to simmer and simmer and simmer for about a day.

I do not like the smell of that grass-fed beef, and Pat admitted he thought it was pretty gross too.  The chicken smell was a bit more familiar, like chicken soup.  Still  the whole experience made me worried that we were ruining Girl 1’s chances with “Kyle,” the love of her life.

But at least she’ll be well nourished.

So, the low-down: it was not pretty.

Beef bone broth in process

Beef bone broth in process


Chicken bone broth in process


What was left of the soup bones after 24 hours of simmering. Ew. I’ve stuck them back in the freezer and probably will use them again.


Cooled beef bone broth with layer of fat on top. Hard to tell here but the broth underneath it got pretty jiggly, which I’ve heard is a good thing. More healthy gelatin or something.


Beef broth after straining and before cooling. You’re supposed to use cheese cloth but I didn’t have enough. I used a variety of substitutes: paper towels, coffee filters. They weren’t easy to use but we got through it.

I probably should have strained off the fat before freezing.  I took the Scarlet O’Hara approach (“I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”) and didn’t.  Most of the fat went into the first bag, which I haven’t used yet.  So I still don’t have to think about it yet.


Strained chicken bone broth.


Beef bone and chicken bone broth, poured into bags and ready to freeze.

I put a bit of apple cider vinegar in with the beef broth because I read it brings out the healthy . . . something from inside the bones.

 I think I broke every food safety rule in the book.  I left one batch to simmer all night, but the stove was on so low it barely stayed warm.  Another batch I just left sitting all night at room temp.  Then both batches I left in the refrigerator a loooong time before freezing.  But you know what?  We’ve used up almost all of it with no ill effect.

Despite the unpleasant smell of the broth by itself, it’s been quite satisfactory in recipes.  I used the beef broth in place of water in this recipe.  Pat said it was our best batch yet.

Hamburger vegetable soup from Money Saving Mom

I used the chicken broth in this recipe.  Again, really good.

Hearty chicken stew with butternut squash and quinoa from Cookin’ Canuck

I’ve also used the chicken broth to make a simple egg drop kind of soup, like this.

Homemade chicken bone broth with rice, egg yolk, and scallions.

Homemade chicken bone broth with rice, egg yolk, and scallions.

Another time I made it without rice: just broth, egg yolk, scallions, a few drops of soy sauce and a few drops of sesame oil.  A tasty, warming first course.

Well, that’s my food post for the week. Hopefully I’ll get a menu plan for next week.


5 thoughts on “All About Bone Broth . . . and Will It Ruin Your Child’s Love Life?

  1. I am impressed–I announced about a month ago that I was going to make my own bone broth, but that is as far as I’ve gotten. Part of what is holding me back is that I don’t know what cheesecloth is, or where in the world to find it….I’m assuming it’s not in the cheese isle?

    • I found it with the other cooking/baking supplies. You know how the grocery store always has a small selection of pans and spoons and measuring cups and things? Cheese cloth is just a really loosely-woven cotton cloth. Kind of like a net. I think you could use a mesh sieve with similar results.

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