7 Quick Takes, Quick Edition

— 1 —

We gave Girl 1 her Melissa & Doug princess castle, after all.  (I got it for about half off, a while ago, thanks to a deal my friend Liz posted on her blog.)

She’s been playing with it more than we expected.  She’s also surprisingly patient when Girl 2 crashes on her play.

— 2 —

Girl 1 was, however, more excited about receiving this:

Not the exact wand we gave her, but similar.

One dollar at Target.  $1.  Gah! Gah! Gah!

— 3 —

I would post a picture of he girls playing cutely with the castle, except that I lost my iPhone which was my only camera.  I have not seen it since December 31, 2012 around 2:00 pm.  I was at home.  It’s here somewhere.  If you have an iPhone, please take a second to make sure that your “Find Lost iPhone” setting (or whatever it is) is on.  If it’s off, there ain’t a think iCloud can do to help you find it.

I had this idea that I was not very attached to material possessions.  Then I lost my iPhone.  I’ve written a little song about the self-realization that occurred:

Hah.  Ha ha.  Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha!

— 4 —

We were all sick this past week.  I spent one day crashed out on the couch and then sleeping in bed.  Pat was able to take a “family leave” day fortunately.  After just one day of my being MIA, the house was in chaos.  I’ve told Pat I don’t mind that he’s not able to get anything else done while watching the girls, as long as he appreciates it when I, occasionally, do.

— 5 —

Here’s a hypothetical for you:

You take your girls to the library, thinking they are recovered from their stomach bug.  All is going well until you look over and see your Girl 2 has vomited all over a stuffed horse belonging to the library.  Do you:

(a) stuff the vomity horsey in your own tote bag, to contain the filth while you consider next steps?

(b) leave said bag in play area while you go to a different area to talk the situation over with another mom?

(c) run back to play area upon hearing disgusted shrieks of other children who have pulled the horse out of your bag?

(d) take the vomity-horse-in-bag to the fourteen-year-old boy volunteers who are manning the children’s library desk–no adult librarian in sight!–asking what their vomit-on-horse protocol is?

(e) take amusement at their reaction and wait while they bring the vomity-horse-in-bag to the main circulation desk librarian, who says that yes, you can take the horse home and launder it yourself,

(f) all of the above?

— 6 —

I wrote several New Year’s reflections earlier this month  (here here and here).  I looked back at my 2012 resolutions, written when I was due-any-day with Girl 2.  They were: (1) Go to confession every month and (2) “Make it through the year with both kids alive and my sanity intact.”  I’m glad I kept it simple.   I was maybe 10 for 12 with confession.  Both girls are alive and kicking (and screaming).  As for my sanity, well, they haven’t committed me yet.

— 7 —

Despite being on the Perfect Health Diet for months now, cutting out all sugar, bread, and processed foods, my weight is approaching the highest it’s ever been (other than while pregnant or post-partum).  I broke down and counted calories for the past few days, and I’m not consuming too many.  I’m thinking I’m hypothyroid . . . or a hypochondriac.  Problem is, I’m sure to sound like the latter even if I am the former.  I’m imagining the conversation with my doctor:

Me: “Doc, I’m gaining all this weight.  I think I’m hypothyroid.  I know I just had my thyroid levels tested recently and they were normal and all, but I really think the condition is hidden and would really be improved by some supplemental pig thyroid if you could just prescribe .. . .”

Doc: “Hmm well, let’s see.  Just some routine questions, first.  Do you exercise regularly, you know walking, jogging, aerobics?”

Me: “Well, no . . . but I was reading all about hidden hypothyroidism on this website and . . . ”

Doc: “Let’s see, have you made any changes to your eating habits lately?”

Me: “Well, *ahem* I have been following this high-fat diet . . . ”

Yeah, I can see that going real well.

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Thank you, Jen, for hosting.  My prayers are with you!

4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes, Quick Edition

  1. Don’t just turn on your “find my lost iPhone” setting, make sure you click the “make my phone beep” button and make sure it does so. You haven’t turned on “find my lost iphone” until you’ve tested it (i’m not picking on apple here; this is the case with all disaster recovery measures)

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