What I Wore Sunday, Confessions of a Late Mass-Goer

I ran late for mass today.  Suffice it to say, I was running late for reasons 100% my fault, I am very repentant, and I shall never make the same mistakes again.  And God cut me a break because Father started mass a few minutes late, which means I wasn’t late after all.

You see, Pat and I have determined three very important guidelines for determining whether you are late for mass:

  1. If you are inside the church before the priest processes in, you’re not late.
  2. If you are in your seat before the priest reaches the altar, you’re not late.
  3. If one of you achieves #1 or #2 while the other parks the car, the car-parking spouse is not late by virtue of the first spouse’s being not late.

No. 3 didn’t apply today because we went to mass separately, for the third time in a row.  The girls are sick yet again.  Please, please Spring come soon!

I went to an English mass for, I think, the first time in at least a month.  I attended the Spanish mass the last two times, and Latin the times before that.  Because we usually go to a Latin mass, I still have to look at the cheat sheet for the new responses when we do go to an English mass.  Very humbling.

So anyway, this is what I wore:


My jacket is from Old Navy, at least 5 years ago.  It’s a testament to how their clothing used to be of good quality.

I like to think my outfit looks a little bit like this get-up from J. Crew:



                     See it now?

J. Crew says that “a denim jacket makes everything seem a little more effortless.”  Does anyone else out there get annoyed by the idea that our outfits are supposed to look “effortless”?  At this stage in my life, “effortless” is pajamas.  Just getting dressed at all is an effort and I don’t care who knows, dammit.

For more Sunday finery, check out the link-up at Fine Linen and Purple.  Thanks, Kendra and Emily, for hosting!

19 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday, Confessions of a Late Mass-Goer

  1. I love every bit of your outfit, especially the jacket. I have longed to get a good, sassy jean jacket for longer than your five year old one has been around, but it is hard to fit my short and awkward torso. Glad I found your blog! I can relate to ALL in your header description sans that little bit about practicing law 😉

  2. Ha! Our rule is that you have to get into the building before the gospel reading. You guys are early birds.

    Also, so true about Old Navy, every time I buy something from there, it looks like a potato sack after about 3 months. And that’s not even counting if it gets extra washing from being vomited and spit-up on, or from stains from food spillage/throwing. I’ve decided I’m just not buying stuff from there now. That’s it.

  3. Jcrew needs to watch out. And i don’t think i realized that y’all had become Latin mass somewhatregulars.

    I do like your outfit bytheway and it seems we both had the running late bug this morning.Looks like G1 isn’t short on energy though despite being ill. Hope you all recover quickly.

    • Thanks, Mart. Becoming Latin mass regulars is due in large part to the Tridentine’s being at 12:30, which has been our in-between-naps sweet spot. The “early” mass–10:30–is Novus Ordo in Latin, which I’m including in my count of “Latin” masses. Today I went to the “early early” mass (8:30). The “early early early” 7:00 am is a non-issue.

      Before kids, Pat and I had at least one tortured discussion of how often we wanted to go to which type of mass and the benefits of each for our children, etc. Forget that. It’s all about the mass times, baby.

  4. Thank you for calling out Old Navy. Sons-of-baaaaaaatheymakemesomad. I recently bought quite a few rayon-blend items from them, washed them EXACTLY according to tag directions, and they’ve all shrunk to oblivion. I can still wear them, of course- so long as I want to project a very sad, dejected image and lack of self esteem.

    Now, YOU on the other hand, are projecting good things! Cute denim jacket!

  5. Oh how I wish I could wear flannel to Mass. Sounds lovely to me. You look great. i like the denim jacket with the patterned skirt. This is a year round outfit by just changing up the shoe. Effortless! LOL!

  6. HA!! so true!!! for my REAL effortless look I stay in my pj’s and avoid brushing my hair. I’m kind of mad at Old Navy since I got a pair of red corduroys that ripped the other day when I was changing clothes…. at the gym. Real nice. But I’m sure we’ll go back to BFFs next time they offer t-shirts for two dollars.

  7. The top right picture of Girl 1 is soo funny! With her hands on her hips looking over her shoulder. I love it!
    I think your guidelines for not being late for mass are completely valid! When we were younger we used to always take bets on what Station of the Cross we’d walk in on during lent because we were always so late. It averaged around 10. Haha.

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