7 Quick Takes: iPhones, Mark Wahlberg, and Marriage

— 1 —

Having a strong-willed child like my Girl 1, I try to radiate this kind of aura:

Every time she sees me though, Girl 1 hears me singing this (the refrain):

I heard this song in the grocery store a while ago and stopped dead in my tracks.  “That’s it!” I thought.  That expresses exactly what Girl 1 thinks I think!

— 2 —

I found my iPhone!  In the linen closet, bottom shelf, under the bottom most towel.  Random!  (As the young fry used to say a few years ago.)

It’s a relief (a) to find it and (b) to know that I didn’t do something stupid like drop it in the trash and (c) to find it in a place in which I wouldn’t have looked even if I had done a thorough search of the house, which I didn’t.

— 3 —

If you have an iPhone, spare yourself the frustration and wasted time and money I did: go to your settings, then go to “iCloud,” then make sure the “Find my iPhone” option is turned On.


— 4 —

Then again, losing my iPhone wasn’t the worst thing in the world.   This article, brought to my attention by Megan at Everyday Mom

Peters Fam in Natural Habitat

Peters Fam in Natural Habitat (Photo credit: Crazybananas)

Style, really got me thinking.  It’s all about how much of your children’s childhood you can miss by being glued to your smartphone all the time.

I see the point, but, on the other hand, I feel that if I were 100% “present” emotionally and socially, as well as physically, to my two ankle-biters, I would go crazy.  Really crazy.  Young children don’t understand that mommies need boundaries.

Anyhoo, losing the iPhone, along with my no-internet-after-8pm resolution, put me on a sort of involuntary retreat.   The evenings are definitely more restorative, which has been a good thing, because the girls have been awfully sick this past week and . . . .

— 5 —

Before having kids,  the concept of “caring for a sick child” carried the image of a child in bed and a parent sitting at a child’s bedside.  Just sitting.

Nurse making house-call, New Orleans, 1936. Or...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ha.  Ha ha.  Ha ha.  Ha ha.  Ha ha.

— 6 —

I recently read this short little interview with Mark Wahlberg on marriage.   Amazing.  He lists going to church as the #1 secret to a good marriage, at a time when “being spiritual” is cool but “going to church” is looked down upon as close-minded, unenlightened.  Not that Mr. Wahlberg is an all-around good role model but still, I found his words refreshing.

— 7 —

Oh my goodness, have you heard about Justice Scalia’s hat that he wore to the presidential inauguration?  Read about it here.  Totally made my day!

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14 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: iPhones, Mark Wahlberg, and Marriage

  1. You definitely get the award for “Sickest Kids – Winter 2012/2013”. Poor girls! And poor you! But I am SOOOO glad you found your iphone!!! I think an iphone is hovering in my future. It’s weird becuase I was always an Andriod advocate, but I just haven’t had good luck with any Android phone I’ve had. Of course, this is probably more of an issue wiht the phone (I blame Samsung!) than Android, but still, I just want a phone that works well! Anyway love the post, made me laugh!

    • Thanks, Shar. I heard someone somewhere say that iPhone is popular because it “just works.” It’s so true. It might not have as many options or whathaveyou but it just works. I’m thinking my next laptop will be a Macbook because my current ThinkPad with Windows 7 is an overthinker. It makes everything (e.g. shutting down Windows!!!) more complicated than it needs to be.

    • I see an iPhone in your future too. You’ve already discovered the wonderful world of working electronics (AKA Apple), so it’s hard to go back. AND THEN I CAN FACETIME WITH MR. MAX!!! …And you and Steve, of course. 🙂

  2. I am so glad you found your iPhone. Maybe now we can Facetime since we got internet at our place! Secondly, I’ve been impressed by a lot of what I’ve read about Mark Wahlberg before, especially regarding marriage and family. Doesn’t he have more than the average 1.2 kids? Don’t he and his wife have 4 or 5? Anyway, like you said, not the perfect role model, but certainly a vast improvement on others.

    Oh, sitting bedside would be if your husband is sick and you have no children.

  3. Haha! I’m going to be thinking of that Darth Vader song next time I see you guys. And I’m wicked happy you found your iPhone too!! Now we can FaceTime too. 🙂
    Also, I JUST realized I can commet without having a blog, which is a very exciting finding! I’m sorry in advance for going back and commenting all the things I wanted to say on your old posts that I thought I couldn’t. 😉

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