The Easiest Spring Cleaning I’ll Ever Do

I’ve been housebound for the past week with two sick little girls, and the time at home has given me a head-start on my spring cleaning.  That’s right: Spring Cleaning.  Never mind that I never do spring cleaning.  This year I’ve stumbled across a new cleaning technique:

The easiest way to clean is to have less to clean.

I’ve started spring-cleaning by throwing stuff away.

It’s wonderful.

These days I rarely have five uninterrupted minutes (though thankfully I just got a few to write this post).  This makes it hard just to (a) get out the broom and dustpan (b) sweep (c) brush up the sweepings (d) throw away the sweepings and (e) hang the broom and dustpan back up.  You never realize how many steps are involved in the simplest task until you get interrupted between each and every one.

But throwing stuff away?  Simple.  Pick it up.  Throw it away.*  Done.

Something about being at home for long stretches of time reduces my tolerance for clutter to about nil.   I feel all the stuff closing in around me like this:


A week ago I went to a presentation by Abby Sasscer of Project Nazareth, an apostolate to help people live “simply and generously.”  That added fuel to my de-cluttering fire that’s been smoldering for a while now. Rachel at Small Notebook is another inspiration. Then I recently read Mary’s post about how de-cluttering can help cure the winter blahs.  So true!

Care Bear that Girl 1 doesn’t play with anymore?  Buh-bye.

Tweezer case that keeps kicking around?  See ya.

Baby board books that have split at the spine that I will never ever repair?  Gone.

Porcelain bread basket-thingy we hardly ever use and that has a chip in it anyway.  Hasta la vista, baby.

I’ve also done a big purge of our clothing, and I’ll focus on that in a separate post later.

Ah, it feels great.





* Or donate or have a yard sale.  More on that later.


8 thoughts on “The Easiest Spring Cleaning I’ll Ever Do

  1. Every time I move, I have a box of odds and ends that don’t fit into nice categories. Multiply that by every move over the last . . . how many years? . . . and it’s a lotta stuff. I started going through them last week. Very liberating indeed.

  2. I know what you mean about feeling the clutter close in on you! I’ve been a pack-rat all my life, but more and more I’m learning to just chuck out clutter/ junk without a second thought..

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