What I Wore Sunday: Green and Pink Ruffles

Happy Sunday everyone!  Anyone else ready for Spring?  Given the state of the weather, I needed some bright colors this morning:


I’m also wearing a black skirt, black leggings, and black boots. In case you were wondering.

You know, I almost gave away this cardigan?  It has a small stain on it that bothered me, and it was a little too big and boxy.  I took it out after it had spent months in he giveaway bin.  I had to look hard for the stain, so I figure no one else will notice.  And it’s not too big anymore!  Wonder how it shrunk in the closet.  Crazy, huh?

Does anyone else get Boden‘s catalog?  I got my first one the other day, and I am in trou-ble.  Beautiful stuff, and I can see myself wearing just about every outfit.

So many spots and stripes this Spring!

A lot of ladies I know really enjoy J. Crew’s catalog, but I just can’t get into it.  For one thing, there’s the sticker shock   Also, I have to think too hard.  “Okay, I wouldn’t wear the distressed, denim cut-off shorts with the sequin peplum jacket and the neon knee socks with the ankle-strap peep toe heels . . . but maybe I would wear the white tee-shirt peeking out from underneath.”

Kind of like this. Seriously. You know?

Ain’t nobody got time for ‘dat.  Not me anyway.

Apparently J.Crew doesn’t have time for me, either.  They stopped sending me catalogs.  I think the last thing I ordered from them was my wedding dress.


Oops! How did a wedding picture get there?

Okay, enough of my silliness.  Check out Fine Linen and Purple for more Sunday finery!

20 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday: Green and Pink Ruffles

  1. Yeah, I’ve been pretty disenchanted with JCrew. The only affordable stuff is on clearance, and that’s usually final sale / non-returnable. And the quality just doesn’t match the price.

    Boden is not cheap, but I feel they do cut to a real woman’s figure, and the quality seems to be good.

  2. Lots of comments here:
    I love the ruffles and color in your outfit.
    I’m dying over that polka-dot outfit.
    I feel the same way about J Crew. In the store I always see a lot of things I like but never want to pay their prices!
    I love your wedding dress! I always like seeing people’s wedding photos. Is that weird?

  3. Oh, your wedding dress is just beautiful!! You should share more pics in another post 🙂

    Agree that a lot of the J. Crew catalog outfits lately aren’t very wearable. I do love their clothes, haha, (the fit is just perfect and quality is usually great), so I try to wait for things on super sale, at the outlet, or find them used from ebay.

    I love the pink and blue with the black boots!

  4. Oh, you look so bright and springy! And the wedding picture is great.

    I had to laugh at the J. Crew model poses. What would be going on for someone to be just standing around in such a pose in the world outside clothing catalogs? “Strap of my overalls fell off, too busy putting my left hand in my pocket to put it back.” “Standing in the back of a crowded room, so bored I have to tousle my hair. *yawn.*”

  5. That shrinking in the closet effect happens to my clothes all the time too 😉

    I love that bright pop of pink in your outfit and share your jcrew sentiments…mostly the sticker shock. And yes, do share how one acquires a Boden catelog!

    And last but not least – you are a beautiful bride!

  6. Beautiful wedding photo–I don’t think I ever saw your picture! How did I miss THAT?!

    I do get Boden occasionally but mainly Mini Boden…which is dangerous enough. 😉

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