Menu Plan Monday, Back In the Saddle Again

I’m linking up again with Org Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.

We’re trying to get back on the wagon here with the Perfect Health Diet  (PHD).  The girls were sick for most of the last two weeks, and our menu looked a lot like this:

and this:

Best kind of therapy there is.

I’ve gone several weeks now without heavy cream in my coffee, and the result is that I’ve lost . . . my appetite for coffee.  A little.  It’s okay with whole milk, bad with 1%, and worse than death with the combo 1% and low-fat coconut milk I tried yesterday.  Ugh.

I just discovered there is high-fat coconut milk that might taste better:

But would this be any improvement, calorie-wise, over heavy cream?  We’ll see.

I want to make this delightful-looking recipe sometime soon:

Chocolate mousse (no added sugar)

Also sure to be a death-blow to my calorie count.

Here’s my menu plan for this week.

  • Breakfasts: Paleo pancakes , whole milk yogurt with fruit; Pat usually has an apple and some nuts and cheese
  • Lunches: Leftovers, cold-cut “sandwiches” wrapped in lettuce
  • Snacks: pistachios, fruit, rice cakes with cream cheese
  • Dinners:

Have a delicious week!  Wish me luck in the week ahead with no Chocolate Therapy!


6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday, Back In the Saddle Again

  1. Whoa – did not know you could put frozen chicken directly in the oven! My life is about to change! Also, I admire your fish-cooking skills. I currently have 0 fish dishes in my arsenal. I am a little afraid of fish and all the things that could go wrong. So if you feel like posting a beginner’s guide to fish (or seafood in general), I would FULLY support it!

  2. I’m back on the wagon today too – with WW’s. Good luck with yours Paleo Diet Thingy! I fell off the wagon after visiting Toronto – then Rocky broke his arm on Tuesday and we all used comfort food for the rest of the week. Draining. I don’t feel like getting on the wagon again, believe me. But try I must.
    Love that wedding picture below, Laura! Love, Aunt Alex

  3. That’s okay, I’ll eat some Chocolate Therapy for you and blame it on the baby. I didn’t even know they had one called that (I have to avoid the ice cream aisle since I rarely grocery shop without kids in tow). Now that I know…I might just have to sample one before Lent!

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