Good Fences [Would] Make Good Neighbors, and Other Sources of Anxiety

— 1 —

Yesterday afternoon I achieved the Holy Grail of parenthood: two siblings playing outside, together, for a good stretch of time, while I watched from inside:

Don't eat yellow snow, girls!

Don’t eat yellow snow, girls!

— 2 —

Later that evening, I paid a price for my half hour of peace.  At midnight I got an anxiety attack imagining the neighbors’ German Shepherd-ish puppy (the one with looooong legs) jumping our fence and mauling the girls, or at the very least traumatizing them for life.  I came *this* close to waking up Pat and demanding he come up with a plan.   I talked myself down, but I’m still concerned.  Nothing’s happened yet, but I can just tell that dog is gonna jump the fence any day.  Can we demand the neighbors do something before anything’s actually happened?  Or should we preemptively put up a tall privacy fence?  *Sigh*

English: German Shepherd puppy sitting.

The neighbors’ dog looks like this, but bigger and with longer legs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

— 3 —

My baby suddenly is becoming a toddler.  She’s been toddling a while but now she’s getting attitude, drama, charm.  She knows to say “hot” when her food is too hot.  She throws herself on the floor dramatically when she wants something.  She gives kisses and says “mwah.”  And she screams when she doesn’t get her way.  Oh man, does she scream.

— 4 —

The honeymoon is over with blogging.  I still have lots of ideas to write about but have trouble motivating myself to write.  I’m going to stick with it though.  I don’t like to give up on something until I’ve given it a year.

— 5 —

I do want to write a series on my attempt to revamp my wardrobe and, at age 30, for the first time in my life, be a well-dressed person.  I’m going to title it “Style and the Stay at Home Mom.”  Get it???  But I just need to start writing.

— 6 —

On that note: my new jeans from Boden arrived yesterday.  I showed them to Pat and he said, “Nice . . . Comfy? . . . Keep ’em.”


Trouble is, I think they’re too comfy.  I think they’re going to stretch out and fall off after the first few hours (as I discussed here).  I wonder if I’m just deluding myself that I need a smaller size?  There’s nothing imaginary, though, about the plumber’s crack I get with my current pair of similarly-comfy-fitting jeans.  *Sigh* The search continues.

— 7 —

Pat made himself a dentist appointment and is there now.  I’m very proud of him.

Happy weekend, folks!

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11 thoughts on “Good Fences [Would] Make Good Neighbors, and Other Sources of Anxiety

  1. Take them to by tailored, think of pants as a general size that needs to be cut down to your size. It would be a good investment. 🙂 P.S. I LOVE BODEN!

  2. I wouldn’t think anyone would need more encouragement after Jen commenting, but I’ll add my voice anyway — I really enjoy your blog, and check it daily. I love your first Quick Take today. I can imagine that that must have been a triumph. 🙂 As for the jeans, I think if you’re concerned they’re going to be too loose, they probably will be. Do they have any stretch in them? I think any pair of jeans with stretch should be quite snug/perhaps ever so slightly tight when you first put them on. Jeans are insanely hard to fit. I really need another pair, but J. Crew has (of course) changed the fabric and cut a bit since my last pair, and I don’t like the replacement as well. I kind of feel like going to a premium denim place to find the perfect blend of nicely fitted but no muffin top, but my soul quails at the thought of paying even more than J.Crew. Still, I may be reduced to it! Someone should start a website that evaluates jeans and casual pants for how much they stretch after being purchased.

    • MK, If that PhD/professor route doesn’t work out for whatever reason, I think you just found yourself an alternate career path. 😉

      As Trena suggested, I think I might try tailoring.

      And, aw shucks. I really didn’t mean to fish for compliments but . . . I’ll take them! I’m glad you enjoy my blog.

  3. Awful jean dilemma. Molly and I were discussing your thoughts on jeans today as we did the mall. Also, I’m glad that the profesh bloggers are telling you to keep it up because I am enjoying your entries only far too much … but you wouldn’t listen to your little sis, now would you?


  4. I’m glad you mentioned the Boden jeans. I had been coveting them for a while, but didn’t want to take the plunge without being able to try them on. I really do not like when stretchy jeans slide down, and I can get that kind of jean at target for, um, un-boden prices.

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