Seven Quick Takes: My Brain, My Husband’s Teeth, Etc.

— 1 —

I’d like to get one thing out in the open before we go any further, just so we know where things stand between us:

My dust bunnies eat your dust bunnies for breakfast.


Moving on.

— 2 —

Girl 1 has been in preschool about 6 months now.  She goes in happy, comes out happy.  I know and trust the teachers.    I have almost no idea what goes on.  A few days ago, for instance:

Girl 1 (angrily, to herself): “You’re not allowed to do that!”

Me: “Who said that?”

Girl 1 (grinning):  “Michael said that to me at school a long time ago . . . and then I started to cry.”

Me: “What happened?  Was a teacher there? Did a teacher see that you were crying?”

Girl 1: “Mmm . . . Mrs. P is a teacher.”

Me: “Was Mrs. P there?  What did Mrs. P say?”

Girl 1: “Mmm . . . Mrs. P’s hair is different from my hair.”

Uh huh.

— 3 —

I was looking back at the “About” section of my blog, and I have something about “thinking big thoughts.”  Yeah, I need to change that.  I mean, occasionally a big thought still floats in one ear and gets lodged for a while before finding its way out the other ear.  But you’d never know it from this blog.  But I’m kind of okay with that.  I like keeping things “light and fluf-fah!” like Prince Omelette’s eggs.  (Any Veggie Tales fans reading this?)

Anyway, some people aspire to be “brains in a jar.”  If you dissected my brain and put it in a jar it would look something like this:

— 4 —

I’ve gone a little crazy with subscribe and save on Amazon lately.  We ran out of toilet paper a few weeks ago, and I snapped.  “This is 21st  century America!  I should not be running out of toilet paper!”  So I now have subscriptions to TP, diapers, paper towels, tissues, paper napkins, and feminine hygiene products.  I keep ruminating on what to add to the list.

I hesitated a bit because Amazon’s prices are a little more than what I pay at Wal Mart.  But I figure I’ll make up the money by making fewer trips to the store.

I’d love to do all my grocery shopping this way, but it wouldn’t work so well for perishables.  Wouldn’t it be great to have someone deliver milk and eggs to your door .. . every day?  But maybe that’s too futuristic.

— 5 —

Turns out Pat went to the dentist last week because he was in pain.  He has a tooth that has been bothering him off and on for years.  I tend to forget about it because he never complains.  He’s getting it removed Monday and a implant put in.  Then hopefully I can forget about it for good.

— 6 —

Smart phone use in church?  Totally taboo?  What if it’s to use your Magnificat app?  What if it’s to text your husband to see whether he’s already pledged for the annual bishops’ fundraising drive when he went to the earlier mass?

— 7 —

Six quick takes is the new Seven Quick Takes.  Have a good weekend!

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18 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes: My Brain, My Husband’s Teeth, Etc.

      • Next week! You’ve seen the bunnies if you looked at my blog today, with all their disgusting hygiene and hay-throwing skills. Next week I will show you my beautiful dust bunnies… made from real bunnies. I just swept yesterday, but I bet I could still find some dust bunnies to put yours to shame 😉

  1. I could literally hear F1 saying those things! Such a sweet little knucklehead! 🙂

    Is it the tooth that he had a root canal done on and then had to have it redone?
    Because I had a root canal done and then had to have it redone, and I do not want that to be my next step!

    I never judge when I see people on their phones in church because one time when I was in Richmond my heart started beating very sporadically and it made me really light-headed. So then I thought that I would either pass out or throw up, or possibly both, but I had walked to church and didn’t want to pass out on the streets of Richmond alone! So I texted Marc to come get me. Meanwhile I got plenty of dirty looks from the people around me. Moral of the story [as I’m sure it wasn’t very clear]: no one else knows why you’re using your phone, so if it’s a good reason don’t worry about them.

    • Yes it’s the same tooth. 😦

      Apparently root canals have a 90% success rate (by today’s standards; mine was in the late 90s), and retreatments have less of a success rate, and each procedure you get has a progressively declining success rate. But apparently implants have a 95% success rate. So I’m hoping that by this time next week we can all forget about that awful tooth for good…

      • That is such a bummer!! I had a metal filling come out because it expanded (as I guess they can do) and broke off the remaining parts of the tooth. The dentist said there wasn’t enough tooth for a crown so he said I could either get an implant or just have it pull and have no tooth there. It’s towards the back so I just decided to have it removed (although we haven’t ACTUALLY gotten that done yet because we had to wait to get the heart monitor done first), but my troubled root canal tooth is right next to that one, so if that one comes out I’m going to probably need an implant too. Bleh.

    • The cell phone question interests me. Using the Magnificat app is obviously not wrong in itself, but the extent to which you are culpable for any indirect (i.e. unintended) scandal would depend on how judgmental you can expect the people in your parish to be.* So, if you live in a parish where people are rather judgmental and unwilling to give the benefit of the doubt it probably woudn’t be a good idea.

      This puts us in an odd position: is it sinful for me to use a legitimate prayer aid because I know it will likely cause the guy behind me to sin? Or is it “his problem” that he is habituated to a sin relevant to what I am doing and I need to look out for my own spiritual well being, which can be furthered by using the Magnificat app in Church?

      * I’m not a moral theologian; this is a hunch. If anyone knows/finds anything with actual authority, do share (I’m looking at you, Mom H and Martha).

      • It ended up not being a big deal. I didn’t pass out (or throw up), and my heart got back on track. 🙂 No harm, no foul, right?

  2. “Wouldn’t it be great to have someone deliver milk and eggs to your door .. . every day? But maybe that’s too futuristic”. – this is so funny! My grandmother had milk, eggs and butter delivered every day to her home from about 1945 on… we just need to go backwards to move forwards sometimes!

  3. “Six quick takes is the new Seven quick takes”
    Translation: “My kid is about to set the couch on fire unless I intervene right now, so 6 is all you’re gonna get this week”. Hang in there Laura!

  4. I like fluffy. I like fluffy blogs. Glad we agree on that. Would love to have regular items delivered. I really struggled to get a 7th take down this week. And regarding the smart phone in church, I’ve gone to my Laudate app once or twice to read along (and it was especially convenient when the mass was in Portugese), however Jacob does not like it and basically gives me the nudge to put it away the one or two other times I motioned toward it. I think I agree with his disinclination toward it though; becasue unless it’s in another language, I can probably do just fine listening, and just turning on the glow of the smart phone to access to holy app just feels sacriligious. Did I just misspell that??

    • You know, I haven’t thought to use it for the readings at mass so much because we have missalettes, but yeah that would be handy if there wasn’t an English missalette. But I’ve thought about using the exam of conscience in line for confession. Also, I’ve thought of using it in the adoration chapel but don’t unless there’s no one behind me . . .

  5. Stephen and I always have awful dust bunnies under our bed, no matter how often we clean! So if you come up with any good dust bunny prevention tips please pass them along, haha.

    Amazon sounds like a great way to shop for essentials (especially since we hate going to the grocery store) but I’m not sure if I could excuse it for just the two of us 🙂

    I had the Magnificat app on my phone for a while, but never worked up the guts to use it in church (I always felt like people would think I was surfing the web, facebook etc.) Too bad, because it seemed like a great idea…

  6. hahaHA… I want milk on my doorstep every morning. Actually I want the freakin’ cow. A nice quiet Jersey cow. Because Jerseys are good looking and less common than those black and white spotted ones… which goes to show how much I know about farming.

    I have the Magnificat app too! I don’t use it at church because if I brought my phone out there’d be three pairs of hands instantly vying for some Angry Bird time or “I wanna take a picture” or other things they aren’t allowed to do on my phone anyway (mainly because this is the replacement for the one that they *bathed*!). But I love your ” What if it’s to text your husband to see whether he’s already pledged for the annual bishops’ fundraising drive when he went to the earlier mass?” Somehow that tickled my funny bone.

    And I hope Pat’s tooth feels better soon, too.

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