A Few (Five) of My Favorite Things

Today I’m joining Hallie’s fun new link-up over at Moxie Wife and sharing five of my favorite things:

  • Dorothy Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey mystery series.  Not just mystery but romance and loads and loads of character development.  An Anglophile’s dream.  Lord Peter’s way of speaking is a bit grating in the first book.  The rest of the series is worth it though.  Love these.

Not as risque as the cover implies.

  • Husband shoveling not just our driveway but our elderly neighbors’ as well.  And our little girl playing in the snow.  


  • Shadowbox-style picture frames from Target.  A great way to display photos in a way that lets you swap them out from time to time.  Easier than framing. 


  • My friend Annie’s stationery line, Nice Girls Ink, and her calligraphy business, Pretty Mail Calligraphy.  No affiliate link here, she doesn’t even know I have a blog.  I just love her stuff.

Pretty Mail Calligraphy

  • Almond butter from Kettle.  No additives, just almonds and salt.  We are trying to stay away from peanut butter, and this is such a delicious alternative.  Mmm.  I’ve been eating it by the spoon.

Thanks, Hallie, for hosting this fun link up!!

8 thoughts on “A Few (Five) of My Favorite Things

  1. Your friend does gorgeous calligraphy! So pretty!

    And I admired those frames in the background of a photo in a previous post of yours! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah, the Kettle brand we bought is deceptively expensive. It’s about $4 a jar, as I recall, which doesn’t seem so much . . . but it’s only about half as big as a regular peanut butter jar. I wish we had a Trader Joe’s near us. *sniff*

  2. Here I thought all your faves were every kind of awesome, but then I saw the pic of Colin Firth at the bottom and… well… I got out the smelling salts, so I’m okay now. Great blog.

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