Five of My Favorite Things, Vol. II

Back again at Hallie’s fun new link-up over at Moxie Wife and sharing five of my favorite things:

  • Rachel Meeks’ funny and useful flowchart to help you decide “Should I Buy This Shirt?”  I don’t feel right cutting and pasting it here, but you can check it out with this link.  Really, you should.  One page. 
  • Pig tails:  IMG_1574
  • Command hooks: they make them for hanging pictures!  Who knew?  If only I had known about these before.  My poor walls would be much less injured.  I tend to hang things up then change my mind six months later.  Also, they’re great for giving my keys a safe haven from the abyss of my purse.


  • Bengal Spice tea from Celestial Seasonings.  Like chai but non-caffeinated.  So delicious at nighttime with generous amounts of milk and sweetener.

Thanks, Hallie, for hosting this fun link up!!


9 thoughts on “Five of My Favorite Things, Vol. II

  1. Pigtails are just so, so cute.

    haha, I’ve never heard that prayer. Favorite line: “In love w/ the little creature whose poop is leaking up it’s back.”

  2. So I bought the tea beacause you recommended it, OMG, it’s so good. I think I’ve found a new addiction!

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