Target, Why Dost Thou Suck? (Style and the Stay-at-Home Mom)

Why did this cardigan lose its shape and stretch out almost as soon as I bought it?



Why does the same thing happen to every article of clothing I buy myself at Target?

Why do my girls’ Circo leggings and shoes last forever?

Why do those clearance racks sing as sweetly as sirens every time I pass by?

Why do stylish bloggers like Audrey and Grace and Erika and my sister Martha get to buy cute stuff there?

Are they luckier than I?

Do they pick out better items?

Are they not as hard on their clothes?

Do they dry clean everything?

Do they not expect to wear everything over and over again like I do?

Why does Target have to be one of the few, nay, the only appealing place to shop in my town?

Why can’t every online retailer have free return shipping?

Why can’t I shake this bronchitis that only shows up at night, just enough to keep me awake but still too tired to write a real post?

Why, why, whiiiiiiiiiiiii-yuh???



8 thoughts on “Target, Why Dost Thou Suck? (Style and the Stay-at-Home Mom)

  1. Honestly, I feel the same way about Target clothes. I always think they look great on the rack and on other people, but they fall about so quick once I get them home.

  2. Totally agree, and I don’t know what people do to make them look good. But the oldest piece of clothing I own (probably 20 years old) is a pair of pro-spirit running shorts. Does Target even make that brand anymore? I still wear them, and I still love them.

    I think of the Target clearance rack as being disposable clothes. I love buying t-shirts or even nicer shirts for 3 or 4 bucks, wearing them daily, letting them get stained by kids’ hands, my clumsy coffee carrying skills, and flying bacon grease and not getting stressed about it. I just throw them out after they have served their mission and get a few more. Shameful, I know, but the same accidents would befall really quality clothing, too.

  3. For a while I promised never to buy Target again … but that didn’t last long. I don’t know, I just couldn’t help myself — poorly made or not, they’re so cute and so cheap! Who can resist? But honestly, I can toss all of Target clothing out the door; some last longer than others and I’ve come to discover what type of fabrics I do NOT like. Period. Furthermore, maybe I don’t wash my clothes that much. I’m kind of one of those people who thinks “If I didn’t sweat in it and it doesn’t smell like Chinese food then I can get away with wearing it again…right?” I know this will change with the baby’s arrival.

  4. I have countless — COUNTLESS — goodfornothin Target cardis. I can’t keep buttons on them for anything, and when the buttons fall off, it leaves a hole. And the pilling. Ohhh, the pilling. I’m DONE. They’re jewelry is good, though.

  5. Actually, Martha is probably onto something. I usually have pretty good luck with Target, and I NEVER wash my clothes. Oh, um…”Never” sounds bad. Let’s just say I only wash them if they really, really need it; like Martha said, it has to smell and/or have a visible mark on it. Otherwise, it’s clean!

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