Style and the Stay-at-Home Mom: Getting the Support You Need

With all of these style posts I’m writing, I don’t want to lose perspective.  Clothes, after all, are superficial, on the outside.  Let me not fail to mention that what’s on the insidebeneath it all, is the most important . . . .

Life can be hard for us ladies.  Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain, weight loss.   Maybe just the passage of time.  It can all get you down.  Make you feel a little, you know, low.  Lacking in pep.

With all these changes, you might find that the support structures you had in place before–the friends to whom you turned day after day– just don’t give you the pick-me-up they used to.  Perhaps you feel disloyal discarding them.  After all, they’ve been with you through thick and thin.  But face it,  they’re probably feeling a little stretched thin themselves, overextended.  It’s time to cut the ties that bind and get the help that you need.

Some of us might be lucky enough to get professional help.  Someone who can evaluate just where you are, size you up, if you will, and lead you to better, higher, firmer ground.  (But never trust some local yokel claiming to have a “secret” remedy.)  (NSFW)

The rest of us, due to geographical or budgetary restraints, have to strike out on our own.

You should take heed of the wisdom of sisters who have gone before you, like Shana and Anne.  Take heed of their warnings and the advice that they, in turn, received from those wiser than themselves.  You might  use some online diagnostic tools, (also NSFW), which can  help you evaluate how bad things have gotten, you know: just how low you go?

The key, it appears, is to recall the words of the Psalmist and ask yourself:

[Does] my cup runneth over?

It may be scary, it may take time:

When you gain friends, gain them through testing, and do not be quick to trust them.  (Sir. 6:7)

You may need to spend more money than you would like:

Faithful friends are beyond price,  no amount can balance their worth.  (Sir. 6:15)

You may be distracted by by options that are flashy on the outside but flimsy underneath, but remember,

Charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting. (Prov. 31:30)

Keep your eye on the prize, ladies:

Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter; whoever finds one finds a treasure (Sir. 6:14) . . .

Once you do, they will perk you up again in no time!

18 thoughts on “Style and the Stay-at-Home Mom: Getting the Support You Need

  1. I love this post! The way you said everything so discreetly 🙂 I’m a WOHW (work-outside-the-home-wife), but I am loving this entire series.

  2. Laura, I just made my way over here specifically to tell you how much I have been loving your blog lately. Your fun, nay, your very joy, is palpable as one reads some of these fashion posts of late. I can see you (in my mind’s eye, of course) laughing as you take pictures and write the post. But this last one takes the cake. LOVE IT!

  3. This is too funny. And, I must be either really dense or really sleep-deprived because it too me awhile to figure out exactly what the heck you were talking about it. Love it though!

  4. Haha! That was awesome! Once I realized what you were talking about, which took longer than I’d like to admit, I had to go back and reread the parts I already read. So funny!

  5. Laura,
    Re-reading this post, and remembering reading it aloud to my sister on a trip…..we laughed from one end of PA to the other!!!
    Loved this post!

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