Greetings From the Starship Navel Gazer {7QT}

— 1 —

I’m going to work again next week.  I haven’t been “working” for the past six weeks or so.  I had cried “Uncle” when the girls were sick so much this winter.  My boss let me take a break.  I have mixed feelings about starting up again.

— 2 —

Whenever I’ve started a new job after “just” staying at home for a while, it’s been out of psychological necessity.  Needing to do

I'm also available for freelance graphic design work.

I’m also available for freelance graphic design work.

something with a beginning point and an end point, something that does not involve bodily fluids, something that could give me a sense of completion and let me get away from these screaming banchees.  When my days were like this and like this, life felt like one endless cycle of feedings and diapers and mess.  No matter how hard I worked, I felt I wasn’t doing a good job because some child was always screaming at me.  Now, things are more peaceful.  I have more time than ever but I’m less inclined to use it for outside-the-home type work.  (I actually work from the home but you know what I mean.)

— 3 —

 John Paul II wrote (if I recall correctly) something about the importance of “being” over “doing.”  That modern society emphasizes “doing” too much.  That always rubbed me the wrong way.  “I’m more a do-er than a be-er, Your Holiness.  Actually I suck at being.  Where does that leave me?  Huh? Huh?”  (That’s “Eh? Eh?” for you Canadians.)  And these days I’m feeling better at being than I ever have before.  Unfortunately, it makes me feel just a bit like a lazy bum.  And also . . .

— 4 —

It would be nice to have some extra $$$ to work on my spring/summer uniform.

— 5 —

Or even get gel manicures on a regular basis.


photo (22)

After (hopefully):

via Romancing Reilly (without permission)

— 6 —

Or build a 10 foot, cement block fence topped with barbed wire.



Don’t worry! I was all ready to drop the camera and swoop.

— 7 —

In other news, when she’s not running toward German Shepherds, my 14 month old has made it her life’s goal to splash in the toilet.  Taking things in and out of the kitchen trash is a close second.  Makes things exciting around here.

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2 thoughts on “Greetings From the Starship Navel Gazer {7QT}

  1. Um, “do” is my word of the year, so I am totally with you on #3.

    And I think you have an excellent balance with work and home. You have found an excellent boss. I hope my daughter will have that flexibility when she is a mother, and I hope I will be able to help her as needed.

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