Polka Dot “It” Sweater, Take Two {WIWS}

Here we are, Palm Sunday.  Before reading this, I hope you’ve read Rosie’s Lenten reflection over at FL&P, gone to Mass, said your prayers, etc., because I’ve got nothing but frivolity for you here.  This is what I wore today:


I had an “Aha!” moment this week.  I”m sure y’all read the Dressing For Your Body Type series Emily at FL&P did a few weeks ago.  I read it and smiled and nodded my head.  It all makes sense, right?  Well, understanding the theory and putting into practice are two different things.

Earlier this week I was wondering how I could reproduce this outfit:

And then I realized: look how bulky the cardigan is around this lady’s waist!  She practically has rolls!  You don’t notice it at first because she’s a size 0, 18 year-old fashion model, but this sort of thing would not do me any favors.

Hence I went for this look instead:

Ta da!

No Gucci scarf around my bag but oh well.

No Gucci scarf around my bag but oh well.

In other news, I’ll do my usual Meal Plan Monday post and then take a break from blogging the rest of the week.  Have a blessed Holy Week.


22 thoughts on “Polka Dot “It” Sweater, Take Two {WIWS}

  1. I also keep on my computer images of outfits I like to reproduce 🙂 You look lovely in the outfit, the style suits you. And I like the little fashionista beside you!

  2. Your “AHA!” moment turned into a FAB outift! You really nailed it and look SO good. The color of the sweater is what caught my eye, I love the cheery pop of color 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing it!

  3. I am a sucker for polka dots. They look great on you, and I loved seeing how you took a fashion inspiration photo and made your own interpretation the outfit for yourself.

  4. My favorite WIWS, for real. Also, I love your little girl off to the side in all the shots, so adorable.

    And how am I just following your blog? I am all too reliant on the “follow” button on blogger and am finally branching out and following your awesome blog!!

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