Style & the SAHM: Spring/Summer Uniform, Part 1

**Update: Some of these images are no longer showing up.  I will try to fix this ASAP.**


Warm weather is finally (finally!) here.  Like Lisa, I’ve tried to put some thought into the clothing I buy this summer, so I don’t run to the nearest store (LOFT) in desperation, on 50% off day (like I did last year) and buy everything in sight (resulting in about 50% duds).

A few weeks ago, the only warm weather clothes I had that (a) fit and (b) were not detestable were these:


Five shirts, one pair of shorts, one pair of crops.  And even this includes a recent purchase.  AND three of the shirts are on their last leg.

That’s all.

Here are some outfits I like that I found on Pinterest:

via.                                                         But as soon as it’s warm enough for shorts, it’s too hot for a scarf and sweater. So sad.


Forget the shorts, I want that tank! (But apparently it’s no longer available.) 😦

Clearly, my most pressing issue is . . .  just how often can I wear striped shirts before it gets ridiculous?  Can I alternate stripes with polka dots and make that my uniform???

I’m still not sure.

But I’ve been online shopping like a mad woman.

And this is just a small small fraction of it.

And this is just a small small fraction of it.

I’ve only had 1 winner for every 9 or so losers.  Such is one’s lot who lives far far away  from decent shopping.   Thankfully I have free return shipping for most orders.  Here are some winners from my online shopping extravaganza so far:

The shoes: Lands’ End Espadrilles.                                          They also come in polka dot!

Plus a rare thrift store win:

Similar. Dockers via Goodwill.

Pat said, “I like those shorts.”  Really?  Boring navy blue shorts??  Maybe because they are a size-that-shall-not-be-mentioned and I don’t look like a stuffed sausage in them.

Anyway, some losers so far:

Boden pretty ruffle tee.   The dark pink color is lovely. Neckline is just right BUT runs small. I’ll try it a size up.

Boden stitch detail top. Lovely, perfect neckline, lovely fit. BUT 100% high-maintenance viscose. Never mind.

Boden pocket Breton. (I bought it in Navy.) The placing of the top stripe makes *ahem* the girls look droopy.

Lands’ End cropped chinos. Either these run small or . . . (duh duh DUHN) I’m a size bigger than I think I am.  But anyway, the rise is a little high.

  • Shorts/crops in neutral colors 
  • Tank tops (preferably polka dotted!)
  • Skinny belts (I’m thinking leopard and bright pink)
  • Comfy, every day sandals

By the way, you should always check before ordering anything online, to make sure you’re getting all the available discount codes!

What about you?  Do you have a warm weather uniform put together yet?

14 thoughts on “Style & the SAHM: Spring/Summer Uniform, Part 1

  1. Yikes, it’s been more than 2 years since I bought new summer clothes!!! This was very timely – thanks for the tips! Have you tried Shade Clothing? I’ve found some good stuff there, but it’s definitely hit-or-miss. BUT free shipping + free return shipping + tons of sales means it’s worth the risk, and it’s modest stuff.

  2. Your description of Loft sales is spot on! I can think of 4 shirts I bought in a mad fit of online sale shopping last year, that I got rid of for one reason or another. I love how you showed your keeper and reject piles, and all the inspiration photos. Keep the posts coming! And thanks for the shout-out.:)

  3. I’ve been lusting after those exact same Lands End wedges since last year! Lucky lady! I also used to be a very devoted Loft shopper (and I got a discount as a teacher back in the day) but I’ve noticed a significant decline in the quality of their clothes over the past couple of years so even if there is a sale it’s not worth it.

    • Oh! And, that first inspiration picture you posted, the shorts with blue sweater and pink scarf, I love love love that outfit. But meanwhile back in reality, it would look ridiculous on me and I would be sweating bullets from my chic top knot and pitting out in that sweet blue sweater.

    • Yeah, two things I bought at loft last summer had holes in them within a few months. The LE wedges are great (arch support even!). Not cheap but I had a discount and I’m hoping they’ll last me at least two summers maybe three. I had a similar pair from Kmart last year but they fell apart.

  4. I really love seeing your picks, your rejects, everything. I think I have gathered a couple of useful items, thanks in large part to your example and encouragement. It definitely makes a difference in how I feel to know I am dressed presentably, esp. if I am going to daily mass or helping at school. btw, love the bracelets — I got a black enameled bamboo-motif bangle at F21. Need sneakers, I think.

    I can’t wait to see these show up on you in future posts.

  5. Online shopping tends to go the same for me, one or two winners for every 10 losers…thank goodness for free shipping! I have a couple pairs of J. Crew chino shorts (all bought during end-of-season clearance for around $10!) and I like the 5 inch version. The 3 inch version is just too short for me….and the 5 inch version tends to go on sale, so extra plus. I really love those espadrilles, and I’m in the market for some summer shoes…hmmm. Also I agree on stripes and polka dots, that’s my uniform 🙂

    Oh, and for tees, I don’t know if you’ve every tried the Loft sunwashed tees but I love them! They fit great in my normal medium (not too tight) and wash really well. I have one of their linen tees too and it’s really comfy.

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