Menu Plan Monday: Musings of the Dairyless

I’ve been without dairy for over two weeks now.

At first I was all like:

But now I’ve actually lost a pound or two.  A friend of mine was gluten-free and dairy-free for several months for various reasons.  She was quite thin, and I remember thinking, “She’s given up gluten and dairy: of course she’s skinny!  There’s nothing she can eat!”  And now I’m in the same boat (albeit by choice).  So yeah . . .

I doubt any weight I lose is due to my giving up dairy, exactly, and more a matter of my having fewer food options.  For snacks I’ve got nothin’ but fruit and nuts, nuts and fruit, as far as the eye can see.

Also, I’ve learned to drink my coffee black (gasp!).  I never thought it would happen.  It tastes a bit better when I brew it with some cinnamon shaken in with the coffee grinds (thank you Sharon, for the tip).  And I think that my caffeine addiction is just stronger than I gave it credit for.

True. Dat.

Cutting out a whole food group is a pretty drastic way to lose weight.  I don’t know whether I’ll keep it up when (if???) I get down to my goal weight.  I experienced weird stomachaches and headaches recently, and those are gone now.  So maybe I was slightly sensitive to milk?  I don’t know.  We’ll see.


I’m  linking up with Org Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.  About the menu plan though: Girl 2 is sick and screams if I don’t hold her constantly.  I don’t know what I’ll cook, if at all.  Fortunately we have enough leftovers and odds and ends to keep body and soul together.    But here are some ideas I have for later in the week:

Butternut squash, quinoa, and chicken stew with Kalamata olives. I love this recipe from Cookin’ Canuck so much. I make it with frozen, cubed squash and frozen, diced onion to make it easier.

And next time I’m at the store I plan to get some rice papers, to make Asian-style leftover rolls, like my little sister did:

Classy leftovers from Romancing Reilly

Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: Musings of the Dairyless

  1. Giving up dairy is so much harder than giving up gluten. I’m gluten-free and dairy-light (basically just kefir in my smoothies) and it’s definitely made a difference as far as weight loss goes. I find that not making cheese-heavy meals makes a huge difference as it’s so easier to overeat on cheese and definitely not so easy to overeat on meals which are just meat/potatoes/rice,

  2. haha love that coffee message! I actually do look forward to going to bed so that I can have coffee the next morning. I was wondering how the whole no dairy thing was going! Glad to hear you’ve been able to get over the no-cream-in-the-coffee hump. That seems like the hardest part. As an fyi, I dump that cinnamon right into my mug of already brewed coffee. Makes the cinnamon flavor stronger. Delish!

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