Style & the SAHM: Spring/Summer Uniform, Part 2

Last week’s post on my online shopping wins and losses was well received, so I’m doing another this week.

First, here’s an outfit that I’ve worn several times over the past few weeks:

Variation 2 (top from J Crew Factory)

Variation 1 (top from J Crew Factory)

Variation 1 (top from Lands' End)

Variation 2 (top from Lands’ End) (mirror smudges from Girls 1 & 2)

(Blatantly copying the lovely Erika; who wouldn’t? )

I am LOVING my leopard scarf, which I found for cheap at Walmart.  (Woot!)

I’ll do another outfit post as soon as I can . . . .  My photographer, you see: he has his faults . . . but over enthusiasm isn’t one of them.

Yeah, you.

Yeah, you.

And my selfies in the mirror are awful.

Does iPhone’s camera have a self-timer?  Can I get a tripod for it?  These are all things I need to look into.

Anyhoo, here are some winners and losers:

Definite a winner.  Very comfy, perfect length, perfect rise.

I got them in Eucalyptus (a grayish blue).  Very pricey, but Boden was running a 20%, free shipping, free returns deal.  They are 98% cotton, 2% spandex.  The tag says not to put them in the dryer, to which I say, “Pfft.”  If they shrink up, I want my money back.

I ordered the same shorts in terracotta, but they are still backordered.  Good thing too: in the meantime I found some Tommy Hilfiger shorts in almost the same color (the same as this pair, I think) for $4.  They are big and need to be taken in, but still, that’s only $14 for a nice pair of shorts.

For only $10 (or less with the current 20% off promotion), you could buy these from J.C. Penney:

I tried them and they’re cute.   The rise is not too high, not too low.  However, the tie is sewn on in front, so you can’t use other belts.  Also, I’m not crazy about the patch pockets, so they’re going back.  (Note that they run a little smaller than Boden.)

I am keeping this basic pencil skirt from JC Penney, modeled here by moi:


I’m moving from black to navy as my go-to neutral, plus my black pencil skirt is showing signs of age, so I was in the market for a basic navy blue skirt.

I am returning this one from Boden:

Boden Everyday Mini (order in long if you want it, well   . . . longer)

I ordered it in a Long length, which makes it hit right at the top of the knee for me.  It’s lovely and would be versatile if you wear skirts for casual wear.  I’d rather have a skirt I can dress up more, though, so I’m sticking with the non-denim variety.

Here are a few more lovelies that are going back:

J Crew Factory Flutter Pocket Skirt.  You don’t need a pink skirt, Laura.  Put down the pink skirt and back away slowly.

Boden printed cardigan.  Scratchy + I don’t need it + really friggin’ expensive = what was I thinking?


Oh how I love, love this beautiful cardigan but I just. don’t. need it.

You see, we only have one tree in our back yard:


And we can’t even get it to grow peaches, much less money.

I’ll write later, in more detail, on how I’ve dealt with this depressing topic.

For now here are fun striped outfits I found on Pinterest:

Can’t find the original source.

And some vintage summerwear for good measure (check out the terracotta shorts on the left!):

Life Magazine, 1950, via Yeh Yeh Grace

9 thoughts on “Style & the SAHM: Spring/Summer Uniform, Part 2

  1. Cute! As for a self timer, the regular camera app doesn’t have one, but you can download a self time app for free. I recommend the one that is aptly named, “Self Timer.” 🙂

    • Oh Lisa, I’m mentally drafting a post on all of the budgetary mishaps I made in this whole exercise. I don’t know whether I”ll tell all because it’s too embarrassing. Giving up the skirt was one of my few prudent moments . . . .

  2. that’s because peach trees need two to pollinate. i don’t know about money trees. we haven’t had any luck with that, either. 😉

  3. I’m doing some blog catch up on a study break and loved this post; I need to go back and read your last one too!! I’m excited 🙂

    Thanks for the shoutout! I love the stripes and leopard, and what a great price for the scarf! You are a better person than me that you sent that pink skirt back, haha. I actually have the navy version from a year or two ago and it’s so flattering…I also love, love that polka dot cardi on you. Maybe you can find them both on super sale?

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