Clover, King Kong, and Dinosaurs { phfr }

I’m participating today in the Pretty Happy Funny Real link-up at Like Mother, Like Daughter.  It’s been awhile, because I don’t usually have good pictures to share.  But we had lovely weather recently, and a visit with my family, so now I have lots of photos.  Here we go:


Wildflowers (even the dandelions) and my daughter frolicking:

IMG_2246 (2) IMG_2251 (2)

IMG_2243 (2)



The feel of clover beneath my feet:

IMG_2253 (2)




Some funny moments this past weekend:

IMG_2297 (2)

Brother with dino on head

Brother inside shark's head

Brother inside shark’s head

IMG_2283 (2)

“Please do not play with the guns.”    This is funny, no?


Also some painful moments: better not to walk under the pterodactyl if you’re over 6 feet tall!  Ouch.

IMG_2295 (2)


Not Real

IMG_2291 (2)

King Kong: Not Real

IMG_2289 (2)

Blood dripping from T-Rex’s jaws: Not Real

IMG_2288 (2)

Dino fight club: Not Real

Thank you for hosting, Leila and Co.!


6 thoughts on “Clover, King Kong, and Dinosaurs { phfr }

  1. That looks like the funnest place ever!! We have a place near Orlando called Dinosaur World with life size dino sculptures in the native habitat. But King Kong? Beats it all.

  2. Haha, I love the pink guns in the rack.
    I think Evie’s favorite “flowers” are dandelions.
    And the dino place looks like one my dad packed us up and drove us to eons ago. We were all disappointed you weren’t allowed to climb on them. BTW- I don’t know about that last one, that dino fight looks pretty real to me! 😉

  3. Hi Laura! We have a ton in common. I am getting started on the paleo thing. I used to live where clover grows so seeing your pictures made me a little homesick – but in a good way.

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