What I Wore Sunday: Polyester Is Underrated

Happy Sunday to you all!

After a tiring series of weeks, topped off by a minor kitchen fire this past Wednesday, Pat and I had a lovely one-night getaway at a B&B last night.  My generous, loving in-laws took care of the girls.

I wish I got a better shot of the mountains, but here I am in front of them, in my Mass garb (this dress is an old favorite; no wrinkles ever):

IMG_2395 IMG_2400

Shoes are from Lands’ End (40% sale going on now).

And here’s the cool, historic inn where we had brunch (plus a husband-thumb photobomb):


Here’s a charming farmhouse we passed by on the way.  Check out the cliff to the side and the river behind.  My iPhone photography doesn’t do it justice, but I had to try:


Thanks to all of you who participated in my pantyhose poll last week.  I’m glad I discovered the poll app; it’s just too much fun.  Out of 46 votes,

  • 21 (46%) said that flesh-toned pantyhose are occasional necessary evils.
  • 19 (42%) said they are totally fine.  (The 3  people who voted “other” (13%) seemed to be in the “totally fine” camp, so I’m including them in here.)  Two of the “other” responders pointed out that Princess Kate wears them regularly, which I was happy to be reminded about.
  • The smallest group, 6 (13%) said they are never a good idea.

Whew!  I’m sure y’all are glad to have that issue decisively settled, as I am. 😉

Thanks to Mandi at Messy Wife, Blessed Life for guest-hosting today, and congrats to Emily of Fine Linen and Purple on her wedding yesterday! And because this post is about weekend happenings, I’m joining Mary at Atelier for her weekend diaries link up.

11 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday: Polyester Is Underrated

  1. LOVE your dress! Black and white floral dresses are nearly always gorgeous. I had one for my graduation dress in high school and not only was it the most flattering thing I ever wore, it was comfortable as anything and I wore it long past when it started getting worn out.

    Love your pantyhose poll and sorry I missed it! I would have voted that they are a necessary evil. I think people who say never ever are either a) people with fantastic legs and no varicose or spider veins b) people who live in climates that are warm or c) people who are not super fair-skinned. It’s just too cold sometimes to not wear them and yes, Princess Kate is almost always wearing them!

  2. Great dress!
    Looks like a beautiful area.
    I loved your poll! I agree they are a necessary evil. KelleyAnnie makes some good points.
    Hope you have a nice, worry free week!

  3. I really like how your paired the jacket and dress as well. Casual chic at it’s best.
    That farmhouse it to die for!! Oh how I would love to live there. WOW!

  4. What a blessing to have a night away after a stressful week! I still can’t believe you had a kitchen fire, however minor it technically was. A fire is a fire!

  5. Ha! Love this post! You look beautiful, the thumb bomb is just awesome, I’m jealous of your brunch spot, so so sorry about the fire (yikes!), and happy to know of the pantyhose poll and the app! So fun!

  6. One of my coworkers wears pantyhose and I can’t even tell she’s wearing them! I need to find some of those because my boss gives odd looks when we have bare legs (she’s a Sister). And you have to love a dress that never wrinkles, I have a few. It sounded like you had a lovely, much-needed getaway!

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