No-Plan Monday: Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Smoothie

My Perfect Health Diet + no-dairy month went pretty well: as of May 1 I was down 4 pounds and feeling good.  Four pounds is not so impressive, perhaps, until you take into account the fact that I cheat.  I cheat a lot.  Even if you discount the two bowls boxes of mac and cheese I ate (made them for the girls, who hardly touched them), and that bag of chocolate truffles Pat and I (mainly I) devoured in one day.  (After all, dark chocolate is good for you, even according to the PHD.)

Even discounting those instances as complete aberrations explainable only by hypothesizing that an alien was inhabiting my body . . . even then: I cheat a lot.

And then this past weekend on our mini-getaway, I threw dietary restrictions to the wind, entirely.

Aaaaaand as of today I’m back up four pounds.  (Four pounds in five days?  That must be water weight, right?)

So, basically:


But I’m trying  to make this not all about my dieting woes (ha! too late!), so hows’ about a healthy recipe?

I’ve been drinking a lot of almond milk smoothies lately, often for dinner.  (We eat our main meal at lunch.)  It’s hardly a groundbreaking recipe, but I’m happy with it: no added sugar, quick, yummy, nutritious.

This week I have no oven (until I clean it), no stove (long story), and no menu plan, so I’ll be making a lot of these.  Let me know if you try it!

Almond Milk Smoothie (no dairy, no added sugar)

  • 1/2 c. unsweetened, vanilla almond milk

    Smoothie og kaffe

    Not my photo, but my smoothies look pretty much like the glass on the left.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • 1/2 c. frozen fruit (I like cherries or blueberries)
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 T. almond butter
  • Small dash of salt (careful!)
  • A few drops of vanilla

Directions: Blend!

You could add some spinach leaves if you’re feeling especially virtuous.  I haven’t tried it yet.


Have a good week!  I’m off to clean the oven, maybe.


6 thoughts on “No-Plan Monday: Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Smoothie

  1. That picture made me laugh out loud, and the smoothie recipe sounds so good. I’ve been considering buying Almond butter/ milk and that might just give me an excuse!

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