Dirt, Dust, Grime, Failure, and Profligacy {7QT}

— 1 —

I’ve been overwhelmed lately by the dirtiness of my house.  Everywhere I turn there’s a grimy countertop, a sticky floor.  I’m often inspired by tips and plans like this:

Thing is, by the time I’ve made meals, cleaned up after meals, changed diapers, wiped butts, and maybe done a load of laundry (maybe . . if I’m lucky), the day is over.  I suppose I have some time in the evening between the time the girls are in bed and I got to bed but (a) by then I’m tired and (b) . . .

— 2 —

I waste too much time on the internet!  Mainly reading blogs!  If you’re reading this and if you have a blog, it’s all your fault!  I’m reading your blog when I should be productive, or sleeping.

— 3 —

Really, though, it’s my fault.  That whole New Year’s Resolution of mine?  This is how that’s been going:

— 4 —

In other news, I felt a bit guilty/ rebellious because Pat and I didn’t sell raffle tickets for Girl 1’s school fundraising event a few weeks ago.  Once we got to the event, though, Mr. Badas* Tightwad got a few glasses of wine into him and became Mr. Moneypants of Generosity.  He bid on and won a two-night getaway for us.  (My participation could perhaps be termed “encouragement” but by no means reached the level of “egging him on.”  Of course.)

Later we pondered just how we would fit this spontaneous act of generosity into our budget and which spending category we would cut back on to compensate.  I blurted out, “Groceries,”  while Pat simultaneously said, “Clothes.”

Looks like my Style and the SAHM series for the rest of the year is about to become “101 Ways to Wear a Barrel.”

(No, actually, I have a guest post coming up soon that I am excited to share.)

— 5 —

We thought about it more and realized that we have some money budgeted for charity that we haven’t earmarked for any specific cause.  The money we spent at the auction goes 100% to our daughter’s school, which is a wonderful, worthwhile, non-profit organization.  So we could fit it in our budget that way.  At the same time, it doesn’t seem quite right to enjoy a two night getaway and call it all a charitable donation.  What do you think?

— 6 —

My sister, Martha, had her baby!!  He is sweet and perfect and his name is Sebastian.   I am so excited and happy for Martha and her husband Jacob.  Their baby boy is my kids’ first cousin on my side and my parents’ first grandson.

I won’t spoil Martha’s birth story, but I think I’m allowed to say that she was in labor for a total of, maybe, two hours.

— 7 —

**TMI Alert**

To say I’m extremely jealous of Martha’s natural birthing talent is putting it lightly. She got to  6 cm without any real contractions.  It took me, on the other hand, a full day of labor to get to 6 cm with Girl 1 (maybe not hard labor but still labor), and about eight hours with Girl 2.  And I had hours and hours left to go.  Have you heard of the condition called “incompetent cervix“?  I have the opposite problem.  My cervix doesn’t give up without a fight.

I don’t know much about Freudian psychology, but I can guess what it says about my personality that I am cervical retentive.  ;-P

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15 thoughts on “Dirt, Dust, Grime, Failure, and Profligacy {7QT}

  1. Hi Laura. I feel you, on #1, and I don’t know how Becky’s kids roll, but… most of those once a week thing, I have to do everyday! Such as, my bathroom is disgusting after 24 hours, probably because I have a 2.5 yr old male potty training (aiming isn’t as easy as it looks)… and so on and so forth, throughout every area of my house.

    • I get you, but I’ll bet my standards are a lot lower than yours when it comes to when housework “has to” be done. 😉 I do wipe down the bathrooms when the girls take their bath . . . some of the time. Good luck with the potty training!

      • You know, it’s easy to just sit back and let other people bid on these items but non-profits play a major role in our lives. How would you like it if no one contributed to organizations like the internet? What about the post office? You think they are making a profit? And who do you think pays for such public services as the ocean?

        So laugh all you want but someone needs to stand up and take the lead in supporting these fine folks. Worthy causes rely heavily on auctions providing worth to their causes. In fact I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that this country was founded on auction bidders.

        I stand proudly with my brethren in supporting the effects of our charitable causes!

  2. I love your writing, Laura! Yours too, Pat. Please don’t give up the internet – housework will always be there – always. And kids eventually get neater. Sometimes. And Martha’s short labor? No comment there either. Let’s just say I believe I had a very competent cervix too. Labor with George was 23 hours – ‘course, as you know, he was about 6’ tall when he was born too.

  3. So with you on the number #1. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you were talking about my house. Cleaning is just so overwhelming sometimes and it just keeps getting dirty again anyway.

    “cervical retentive” Hahaha..that totally cracked me up. With my first three labors, I was cervically retentive….with my last one…well she just flew out…so there is hope.

  4. Ha! My house and your house should get together and complain about us.

    Aaaaand re: #7, THAT should be an actual condition and I’m sure I have it too. Both births of my children invovled days of labor with minimal progress, until suddenly my cervix would give up, progress the remaining 6 cm in an hour and allow the baby to enter the world. Fun times!

  5. You always make me laugh! Love the organizing thing! I guess cleaning he house wouldn’t seem quite so overwhelming with a schedule like that, but I don’t see me sticking to that while I have a full-time job! The cervical incompetence thing is interesting because I had this with both of my pregnancies and never realized that’s what it was called! I was on bed rest for 2 months with last daughter and I ended up being induce at 39 weeks due to dilating to almost 7 cm! Didn’t want to have the baby in the car! Still had an epidural, though!

  6. I don’t know why, but I’ve never found keeping my house clean much of a challenge. Or maybe my standards are low and nothing bothers me – but I don’t think so – not judging by the comments people have made to me about it. I just “do” as I go along. It also helps that I’ve never lived (much) with more than 3 people in the house at any given moment. (For the most part- an infant doesn’t really count).

  7. ‘At the same time, it doesn’t seem quite right to enjoy a two night getaway and call it all a charitable donation.’

    You get a two-night getaway?!?! Grab it with both hands and never look back!!!! I am now terribly green with envy. 😉

    This advice comes from the gal who budgets her Mystic Monk monthly Coffee subscription as Charity since the proceeds benefit the Carmelite Monks in Cody, WY. ;)-

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