What I Wore Sunday (Not Enough)

Here’s what I wore to Mass today:


Shoes and shirt from Lands’ End.  Skirt is thrifted *nannynannybooboo*

Girl 1 brushed my skirt up somewhere in the course of getting her sweater off and on and off and then on again, and . . . I’m pretty sure the folks behind us got a glimpse of What Panties I Wore Sunday (no pictures, you’re welcome).   I had intended to put on a certain undergarment that would have prevented my exposure being quite so . . . complete . . . but I forget in our rush to get out the door.  Clearly some of the time I spent making up my face would have been better spent, uh, elsewhere.

But anyway, I was thrilled when I found this skirt at Goodwill because I could use it to imitate this look,  which I found on Pinterest a while ago:

and also this:

Thanks to the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple for hosting the WIWS link up!



8 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday (Not Enough)

  1. Way to go with the awesome thrifted skirt! I totally suck at thrifting… I don’t have the gift. I think you did a great job of interpreting the inspiration photos. I’m a big fan of stripes, along with everyone else in the world it seems. 😉 But really, I think stripes elevate the typical momiform, don’t you?

    • Thanks, Ellen! I hope stripes elevate the mom uniform, b/c I wear them almost every day! And thrifting, yeah . . . I ‘ve made a lot of regrettable purchases. I gave it up for a little while but then started up again. If you really need retail therapy, it’s the cheapest way to go. But I’m trying to be smarter about it.

  2. I love everything about this outfit Laura! I’ve been searching for a skirt like that, what an awesome thrift find! I’ve been eyeing that tee in the blue with white stripes, how is the sizing? I’m usually a medium but sometimes small in lands end so I’m not sure what size to order…

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